Webinar: The Future of Cvent Technology for Higher Education

Events look different across industries. It’s no surprise that higher education institutions need different functionality than planners in different industries. That’s why Cvent is identifying innovative and creative ways...


4 Easy Steps to Creating a User-Friendly Event Website

An event website is your key promotional tool for your event. That’s why you spend hours picking the perfect font, images, and colors for your site. The problem is, your event website can’t just look great. While style matters, so does substance. When attendees visit your event website, they’re looking for information. It’s the place


Dietary Restrictions, Food Allergies, and Your Events

Event planners have to know everything. They create events that include location, food, content and all of these factors can work for the event or against it. Take food. When feeding a large group of people, event planners have to take into account diet trends, food allergies, and general dietary restrictions. It’s not all about

Grow Your Attendance When You Meet in Myrtle

With 60 miles of breathtaking beachfront, an international airport that welcomed 1 million passengers on 2017, 98,600 accommodation units at various price levels, and a modern convention center with 250,000 square feet of meeting space and an upscale adjoining hotel, the Myrtle Beach area is an ideal destination to host meetings and group gatherings. Great

3 Ways to Make Large Meetings Feel Intimate

Larger meetings can sometimes feel like generic, lackluster attempts to create networking opportunities for attendees. Here are a few creative ways to give bigger events the boutique treatment with a memorable welcome, interactive food and beverage options, and the chance to truly connect with fellow attendees. An array of lunch offerings for meeting attendees at

Inspiring Events in Luxurious Locations

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is the world’s largest luxury hotel brand and has been at the forefront of global travel — for both leisure and business — for over 70 years. By choosing from our hotels in Europe’s most exciting and glamorous cities, the discerning business traveler can enjoy the very finest accommodations and meeting

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Event Planning Software Can Change the Way You Plan Events

“Event planner.” It’s a broad term that can be used to describe someone who plans a small birthday party for ten or someone who plans a multi-day conference for 350,000. The job, one of the top 5 most stressful in 2017 according to Forbes, requires an intense eye for detail and supreme organizational skills. It

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Women Speakers Light Up the Room

If you’ve recently attended an event and sensed unique anticipation in the air as the speaker took the stage or experienced a renewed sense of excitement and purpose as the keynote engaged the audience, chances are, that speaker was a woman. We are moving through a moment in history that has shined an overdue light

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New Mobile Event App Benchmark Report: How Do You Measure Up?

If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that meetings and events are not “one size fits all,” so success can be measured in many different ways. Whatever your definition for success may be, it’s still helpful to have a yardstick to measure your performance against, especially if you’re using event management technology like

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Event Technology and Business Cards: A Complex Relationship

With so much modernization, it’s easy to think that it won’t be much longer until business cards go the way of the dinosaur. However, despite being old school, they’re still incredibly valuable. Whether at a networking event, conference, or hustling on the trade show floor, business cards are necessary. Business Cards Won’t Go Away The