New CrowdCompass Feature: Live Q&A Update

You’ve probably been to a conference session where the Q&A went overtime. Hands were up all over the room while the microphone attendant ran back and forth between the audience members. Or how about the opposite? The Q&A portion where there isn’t a single hand raised. Even if people are dying to ask their question,

New CrowdCompass Feature: Activity Feed Commenting

Giving your attendees a discussion forum is an effective way to foster connection, engagement, and networking. The ability to have that discussion within your event’s mobile app ensures that more attendees will participate in the discussion, more often. With our in-app Activity Feed’s new commenting feature, it’s easy to start that conversation digitally, go on to

Understand the Reason for Strategic Meetings Management

As discussed in last week’s post, meetings management programs have developed a reputation for being difficult and incredibly time-consuming to implement. This blog series will help you simplify the process and achieve executive buy-in and company adoption. Historically, meetings program managers embraced this initiative for the potential cost savings. Strategic meetings management research proved that

Instagram and Snapchat

Instagram vs. Snapchat: The Power of Storytelling

It seems like every time you finally master a social media platform, an update is released or a new network is introduced. Two of the most popular social media providers, especially among millennials, are Instagram and Snapchat. With 80 million Instagram photos shared per day and more than 8 billion Snapchat video views, both networks’

How to Successfully Sell Meetings Management in 7 Easy Steps

At the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention in Denver, I had the opportunity to lead a discussion on selling meetings management to executives by securing internal buy-in. During the discussion, I was joined by Cvent clients Kiewit and Estée Lauder, who both won Plannie Awards at Cvent CONNECT 2016 for exemplifying success in their event

meetings management internal communications

4 Tips for an Effective Post Conference Debrief

Even after a wildly successful event, there are plenty of Monday-Morning Quarterbacks to point out areas where improvement is needed. It’s wise to think about how you will collect, evaluate, apply, and sometimes even diffuse this post-conference feedback. Here are 4 tips to set the stage for meaningful conference debrief discussions: Set Expectations Early: All

Tuesday Tip: Send a Save the Date Email

It might seem obvious, but your “Save the Date” is a crucial driver of event success. The “Save the Date” is often the first touch point event professionals have with their potential attendees. An effective invitation sets the tone for the event and prepares the attendees for what they can expect. Forgetting this step will

Beyond the Ghost: The Secret to Event Snapchat Success

Snapchat is proving itself as more than a 24-hour content sharing app. What was once seen as a social media platform for kids is now widening its user demographic to older generations. B2B and B2C companies are taking note and leveraging Snapchat to add another level of customer engagement to their marketing arsenals. The same

5 Questions to Ask When Creating an Event Concept

In conceptualizing an event, brainstorm to determine the experience, develop the concept, then design the experience. There are five important questions to ask when creating the event concept: 1. Why is the event being held? Identify the importance and viability of holding the event. 2. Who are the event’s stakeholders? Understanding the event environment is fundamental to