Automating Event Management Tasks: A to Z

Maybe more than any profession, events professionals are faced with a unique challenge: it’s called the “Invisible Workload.” The cure to this dilemma? Automating event management tasks. If you’re reading...

strategic meetings management

Understanding Strategic Meetings Management

According to the GBTA groups and meetings committee, Strategic Meeting Management (SMM) is the management of enterprise-wide meeting-related processes, spend, volume, standards, suppliers and data in order to achieve measurable business objectives that align with the organization’s strategic goals/vision, and deliver value in the form of quantitative savings, risk mitigation and service quality. On average,

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Sponsorship and Your Event

Putting on an event is expensive. But, there are ways to defray costs and add benefits to your organization and partners. Sponsorship allows you to work with key companies to fund the event. Really, sponsorships are mutually beneficial. What is the best way to go about creating sponsorship offers that will resonate with sponsors? If

webinar corporate hotel programs

Webinar–How a Corporate Negotiated Hotel Program Changes the Game

Lodging costs can comprise up to 40% of a company’s total travel and entertainment expenses, providing a large opportunity for spend management. Did you know that hotels will offer lower room rates to clients in exchange for guaranteed volume? By committing volume to a hotel, clients receive many other benefits as well. However, corporate negotiated hotel programs can be complex, particularly in a

What Makes Event ROI Different?

The business landscape is changing. Recent surveys find that many corporate leaders feel marketers are disconnected from the financial realities of the business. Marketers must better understand how their activities generate quantifiable customer demand and lead to revenue.  The rise of technology and online digital channels makes it easy to track customer behavior from interest

gauging event ROI

Event ROI: Understanding the Basics and the Details

As you think about how to demonstrate your event ROI, it’s necessary to understand the full range of costs and benefits. Most planners just look at the basics – direct costs and direct revenue, which are straightforward and well understood. But to get a complete picture of ROI, it’s important to go beyond these basics

paragon events global tourism summit

How Paragon Events Reinvented the Global Tourism Summit

In 2018, the Events team at Paragon Events took over the newly rebranded Global Tourism Summit from a previous organization. With a complete revamp of the summit in mind, they needed a strategic rollout plan to increase attendance by at least 33%. “When we took over, they were using multi-products on a different platform,” explains Manager

Trade Show

Gathering Leads at Events: Best Ways to Feed the Funnel

When it comes to trade shows and conferences, leads are king. From sponsors to attendees, the goal is to make connections that can result in sales. Networking face-to-face continues to be one of the most effective ways to build connections. And, when it comes to strategy, events are a great tool to expand the reach

technology and achievement

Event Planning Software Can Change the Way You Plan Events

“Event planner.” It’s a broad term that can be used to describe someone who plans a small birthday party for ten or someone who plans a multi-day conference for 350,000. The job, one of the top 5 most stressful in 2017 according to Forbes, requires an intense eye for detail and supreme organizational skills. It

lead capture at events

Event Technology and Business Cards: A Complex Relationship

With so much modernization, it’s easy to think that it won’t be much longer until business cards go the way of the dinosaur. However, despite being old school, they’re still incredibly valuable. Whether at a networking event, conference, or hustling on the trade show floor, business cards are necessary. Business Cards Won’t Go Away The