How Well Do You Execute Events?

It seems like a simple question. How well do you execute events? But when you look closely, you realize how much can improve. Event execution is an organization’s ability...

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Defining ROI (and what’s different about ROI for events)

Event ROI is one of the hottest buzzwords in the industry. But it means something different for every meetings and events planner. At its essence, it’s all about proving the success of your event, which can seem daunting. From figuring out what success looks like to what data to use, there are endless directions you

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How to Measure and Optimize Your Events Program

How well do you measure and optimize your event program? When it comes to measurement and optimization, it’s not always clear what to track and how to improve. If you only measure revenue to track event success, you aren’t looking at the entire picture. In reality, you’re missing out on some key factors. When it comes

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How to Evaluate Your Events Program

Your organization’s meetings and events provide something increasingly valuable in our noisy world. A unique way to connect face-to-face with customers, prospects, partners, members, and more. Value of Meetings and Events Recognizing this value, organizations continue to invest heavily in their meetings and events programs. Today, they represent, on average, 24% of B2B marketing budgets.

4 Ways to Gather Meaningful Insights from Your Event

It is well known that face-to-face events provide your attendees with an unparalleled opportunity for collaboration, education, and networking. What is often overlooked (and is becoming more vital with the rise in expectations for events to deliver measurable ROI), is the opportunity for organizers to collect a vast amount of data from their attendees and

Building Value-Based Live Events

Building a Live Event Program that Drives and Proves Value In today’s noisy and crowded marketplace, the top priority for event marketers is to stand out, capture attention and engage target audiences. When it comes to live events, audiences seek valued experiences and takeaways to help justify the time and cost they’ve invested in attending.

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Upcoming Webinar: Top Ways to Regain Lost Time

Nothing’s better than gaining back time in a day that’s jam-packed with meetings, phone calls, emails, and a million other commitments. Those precious minutes can make a world of difference for our professional and personal lives. The good news is, you’ve already got time-saving tools at your fingertips! Check out our insider tips to see

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How to Measure and Prove Event ROI

Live events are a proven tactic to capture the expressed interests of event attendees. At Cvent CONNECT, Cvent’s Mike Dietrich and PwC’s Kevin Borwick outlined the data needed to prove event ROI and driver smarter business decisions. Event Measurement is Elusive Many companies understand how to measure the performance of their digital channels. Gauging the

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Upcoming Webinar: Cvent Features You Need For Your Next Event

What if there was no event technology? Event planners would spend countless hours creating events the “old-fashion way.” Luckily, there is no need to worry about event planning taking hours anymore because Cvent is always evolving to help make the process faster. At Cvent, there are always new features and products that are being released.