Panama: A Unique Destination that Truly Has it All

Explore the wonders of Panama, a country full of vibrant culture, natural biodiversity and stunning architecture. Visit the world famous Panama Canal, the Gamboa Rainforest, countless islands, the World...

9 Meeting Planning Mistakes to Avoid

To ensure that meetings flow smoothly and achieve desired results, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Ultimately, it is the most senior executive present who has the ability to support or pull the plug on a meeting. A carefully crafted agenda delivered at an appropriate venue are keys for the success

Hotel Trends Study

RFP Sourcing and Best Practices: Communication

Effective communication is key to building a trusting relationship between you and your suppliers, increasing your RFP response rates, and securing the best venue for your meetings and events.Handshake Here are a few tips for effective communication throughout the RFP process: Be up front with potential suppliers Don’t hold back information or try to play

Unconventional Conventions That Delight and Resonate

Palm Beach, the original luxury resort community known for extravagant estates, the winter jet set, chic boutiques, and a refined and leisurely lifestyle has evolved with a fresh spirit reflective of the modern generation. At the epicenter of the islands’ effortless and chic new personality twist is the Five-Star, Five Diamond luxury resort brand, Eau

Hotel Marketing Stunts

Are you Negotiating for the Right Things for F&B?

I have found that when I ask colleagues why they are attending a meeting, I get answers like, networking, education, etc. But when they return and I ask how the meeting was, they usually start describing the food and beverage events. Ergo, food and beverage is important to the success of your meeting. People generally

RFP Sourcing and Best Practices, Tip 7: Choosing the Right Venue

Throughout this series we’ve highlighted tips to help you narrow down your list of potential venues and given guidance on information to provide in your RFPs in order to get your RFP to the top of the hotels’ stacks. If you’ve followed these tips, you should have a handful of qualified options and detailed responses

Tempe, Arizona – A Refreshing Option

Want to experience Arizona like you never have before?  A visit to Tempe, Arizona combines sunny skies and desert scenery with the energy of a college town. Here, you’ll find a lively culinary scene, a downtown that’s active day and night, the surprise of Tempe Town Lake and the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.  And,

Velas Resorts: Family Dream to Recognized Brand

The story began 25 years ago with the construction of Velas Vallarta. It wasn’t meant to be a hotel. Initially, its suites were built to be used as condominiums and were mainly sold to the American and Canadian markets, since that was the trend in Las Marinas at the moment. How Velas Vallarta Became a