3 Ways to Help Exhibitors Make the Most Out of Your Trade Show

Your trade show can sometimes be the one time a year your exhibitors get in front of their prospects face-to-face. And that can make the stakes extremely high for them. From managing a budget to driving those prospects to their booth, your exhibitors sometimes need some help to have a great experience at your show.

New Technologies and Gadgets

We know by now, that technology is a must for meetings and events: before, during, and after. But, you might be asking yourself, what’s right for my particular event? Here are a few things to consider. What’s will resonate with my attendees? Event apps are a must-have for today’s attendees. This is a no-brainer. But, consider

How Event Technology Makes Sustainable Planning Simple

As concern for climate change becomes more pressing, event planners will be forced to manage resources more efficiently. And since a plurality of event attendees are now millennials, it’s increasingly demanded. Of course, event planning can seem costly and complex enough without having to calculate your carbon footprint, but streamlining just a few processes with

Radisson Blu Launches Blu Planet for Meetings

Radisson Blu, the iconic hotel brand driven by innovation and design, is launching Blu Planet for Meetings, making meetings carbon-free at Radisson Blu hotels worldwide by the end of the year. The selected First Climate carbon offsetting projects contribute to fighting global warming and support the UN Sustainable Development goals.    “Since the COP21 climate

Creative Spaces Spark Inspiration & Innovation

What’s On the Inside Counts – How Meeting Space Design Impacts Creativity It’s no secret great design can elicit powerful feelings. Think about your last soothing spa visit or tantalizing dinner out. Interior spaces affect the way meeting attendees think and feel. An insightful Fast Company article explored the offices of Facebook, IDEO and Virgin

Burbank: Media Capital of the World

At the epicenter of the creative economy and 12 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles, Burbank boasts more than 1,000 media and entertainment companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon. The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Conan, and The Big Bang Theory all tape here in front of live studio audiences,

Host Exceptional Meetings at Iconic Golf & Resort Destinations

When planning a spectacular meeting or event, Trump Hotels™ can offer you unparalleled service and experiences, no matter the size, style or function. Whether you host in Panama, Miami, Scotland or Ireland, each space is paired with a knowledgeable staff member dedicated to anticipating your every need. We ensure all expectations are surpassed with a

If Meeting Planners Designed a City – It Would Be Foxwoods

The latest polls of industry professionals find smaller cities surging as the hottest locations for corporate meetings and events in 2017 and beyond. Why? It’s a combination of logistics and infrastructure, diverse room options, outstanding F&B, meeting space flexibility, fabulous amenities, and world-class entertainment. Of course, pricing and destination uniqueness remain high on the list.