Exceptional Event Partnerships Have These 5 Keys in Common

Venue managers face stiff competition when it comes to securing new event business. Winning return clients isn’t easy either — even when organizers have repeated locations for years on end. The reality is that expectations of event planners and attendees are evolving so rapidly. For many venues, loyalty to a location (or brand) is no

Convention center

How Embracing ‘Point and Purpose’ Enhances Venues’ Event Strategy

Quality events tend to have two key characteristics. First, they’re organized around a common cause or purpose that motivates attendees. Second, they’re designed to meet defined objectives, which create a clear point for people to come together at a particular time and place. The right venue has to support planners by understanding both the event’s motivations and its objectives.

Cvent’s Group Business Outlook Shows a Challenging Market Ahead

It will be a tough two years for group bookings, which are seeing a downturn in each of the next eight quarters, according to Cvent’s latest Group Business Outlook. The decrease in booking activity may be showing the full effect of recent commission changes, as well as the increasing hotel supply. The outlook uses data

The Wink DC

The Wink DC: Making a Strong and Independent Statement of Success

Managed correctly, leaving a major hotel chain like Marriott can be the start of something special. But it takes hard work. Strong communication and business analytics. And a strong brand identity that’s based on a signature and unique event experience. No problem there. The Wink DC, formerly known as the Renaissance Dupont Circle, set out

Chatbot event technology

Here Are 3 Technologies That Transform Events

How many times have you been asked to provide a “wow” factor for a group — especially with all the new event technology available? Technology has completely revolutionized the meetings and events industry, from the way rooms are booked to the development of custom apps, so it’s no surprise that hoteliers are increasingly expected to

Virtual reality for hotel marketing

Create a Shinier Image for Your Hotel With Virtual Reality

As event planners become more selective and competition increases for group event business, many hotels are embracing new technology to help them break through the clutter. One of those tools is virtual reality for hotel marketing, an almost magical solution that gives decision-makers the ability to get a feel for a property — before they


Hotels Can Fight Overtourism by Reimagining Their Destination

The world’s top meeting destinations are popular among planners for a reason: They have the facilities, the attractions, and the infrastructure to support large-scale events. But attendees are increasingly looking for unique experiences, and they don’t necessarily want to visit the same city year after year. It’s the curse of overtourism. To combat the curse,

Group Business Benefits

5 Ways It Pays to Prioritize Group Business

Increasing group event business is a win-win for your venue, because it can increase revenue and improve operational efficiency. According to the CWT 2019 Meeting & Events Trends Report, group bookings can save 22% less time on sourcing and an additional 22% on negotiated savings on room rates. By developing a consistent schedule of group events,