7 Reasons Planners Pull Out of Hotel Negotiations

It’s happened to most hoteliers: An event planner is really excited to host their gathering at your hotel, negotiations are in the works, and everyone is all smiles. Then,...

Cvent Planner Sourcing Report

2019 Cvent Planner Sourcing Report: What Do Planners Value Most?

Planners can use all the help they can get, and hotels that make their job easier are more likely to earn their business. That’s the conclusion from the just-released 2019 Cvent Planner Sourcing Report: Global Edition, which is based on a Cvent-commissioned survey of 2,650 qualified planners worldwide. Among the survey respondents, 69% manage at least

Planner partner

Building Planner Loyalty: Remember the Power of People

Sometimes, even satisfied customers will check out your competitor next time. According to the Harvard Business Review, satisfying customers does not significantly increase their loyalty to a company or business. In fact, there are dozens of examples of companies going under even though their customers reported being satisfied. For hotels and venues, earning planner loyalty

Exceptional Event Partnerships Have These 5 Keys in Common

Venue managers face stiff competition when it comes to securing new event business. Winning return clients isn’t easy either — even when organizers have repeated locations for years on end. The reality is that expectations of event planners and attendees are evolving so rapidly. For many venues, loyalty to a location (or brand) is no

Citywide conference

Meet the Planner: Jodi VanWoerkom Knows It’s Not Easy to Take Over a City

This is the second in a series of five Meet the Planner profiles, in which we get event planners’ insights on their jobs, their motivations, and their challenges — as well as their thoughts on venue and hotel interactions. “Keep growing and changing.” That’s the career advice that Jodi VanWoerkom tries to follow each day

Planner meeting

Meet the Planner: For Leanna Mosquera, Event Planning Is All in the Details

This is the first in a series of five Meet the Planner profiles, in which we get event planners’ insights on their jobs, their motivations, and their challenges — as well as their thoughts on venue and hotel interactions. Leanna Mosquera likes to be busy. Fortunately, as a meetings and events specialist at AxoGen, “there’s

Corporate Travel

Webinar: What Corporate Travel Managers Want in the RFP Process

Hotels and corporate travel managers know the transient RFP process can be a huge pain. But it’s not going anywhere, with 80% of travel managers saying the savings and value are worth the time and cost, according to a recent report by the BTN Group and Cvent. By streamlining the process, though, hotels can make

Online reviews

What Influences Planners’ Hotel Reviews

According to Cvent’s 2018 Global Planner Sourcing Report, positive reviews are the top influence on planners’ destination choices. Peer recommendations, meanwhile, remain their most influential resource for booking decisions. This means hotels need to be paying special attention to the way both planners and attendees are responding to them on online sourcing platforms, as well

CVBs in Multicultural Sector

Increasing CVB Business in the Multicultural Sector

Increasing your meetings and events business as a CVB is no easy task. It often requires shaking things up and doing something different from the norm. This is the approach the Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau took, finding great success by turning their focus to their multicultural group business. With the multicultural segment, it’s much more than

Cvent - Hotel Guest Feedback

How to Gather Valuable Hotel Guest Feedback

Today’s hotel guests have a wide range of tools to share information about their experiences, good and bad. Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, and other channels now offer consumers a public platform to share hotel guest feedback, whether it’s kudos and grievances. These channels also provide hotel operators a means of gathering input. Unfortunately, that input