Using Virtual Video to Drive Group Business Demand

For anyone who thinks they’re not familiar with augmented reality (AR), we have two words for you: Pokémon Go. While the wildly popular smartphone app has waned over the...


Cvent CONNECT Recap: How to Grow and Own Your Group Business

Nothing has been emphasized more during Cvent CONNECT than the need to understand and utilize technology. From implementing new products to capitalizing on data, technology can turn a basic process into a magical experience. And if you want to grow your group business and maximize its value, you need to leverage marketing solutions and digitals

Why Hotels Should Pay Special Attention to Pinterest

While Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter continue to be hospitality brand priorities in 2018, Pinterest in hotel marketing often gets overlooked. It’s a shame, because the platform is far more than a place for DIY project ideas and home décor photos. In fact, when used correctly, it can drive traffic more easily than other social media

Cvent trade show

Trade Show Booth Bait: How to Attract More Leads

Drawing attendees to trade show booths is a must for hotels, destinations, and venues to ensure a steady stream of group business leads, year after year. But not all attendees are created equal, and not all activities or “booth bait” solutions are successful. What works and what doesn’t? Here’s a look at some best practices

Instagram Stories in hotel marketing

4 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories in Hotel Marketing

When Instagram Stories first came out in 2016, users were confused. Was Instagram trying to become Snapchat? Should brands recycle content across their channels? Today, though, Instagram Stories have become a social stories platform unlike any other. Brands across industries — including hotels — are utilizing them to creatively market themselves. Why? Because Instagram Stories

3 Unique Ways CVBs Use Meeting Planner Toolkits

You’ve probably heard how important it is to make a great first impression. It’s an important guideline for CVBs wanting to attract more meetings and events business, too. One resource CVBs use to persuade potential clients is meeting planner toolkits — online folders full of PDF city guides, maps, photos, videos, and logos. While there’s

How Radical Thinking Drives Change in Meetings and Events

How the Recent Rise in Radical Thinking Affects Events

A divisive political system. A groundswell in social movements. A growing interest in people connecting with people, not technology. All of these are fueling some changes in how events are produced and managed. Jeff Kear is the owner and co-founder of Planning Pod, an online event management software platform for meeting and event professionals. One big

Cvent | Conversation Selling for CVBs

Is Conversation Selling the Future of CVBs?

With so much of today’s business taking place online, it’s easy to see why some believe the art of the conversation is dead. But if you’re a destination looking to increase meeting and events business in the new year, you should take another look, specifically at CVB conversation selling. While traditional selling requires new products and experiences for potential clients, conversation selling

4 Creative Ways to Use Influencer Marketing for Hotels

Looking to showcase your hotel in front of new audiences? Influencer marketing is all the rage — and for a good reason. In summer 2017, a study done by influencer marketing platform and shopper marketing agency Geometry Global found that “upwards of 90% of social media users are persuaded to make a purchase after seeing