Cvent Conference News: June Product Update Round Up

We’ve gathered the recent Cvent Conference product updates below into a brief summary to make it easy for you to see what’s new. Improved Proxy Hotel Enhancements We’ve improved...

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Answers to Your Q1 2019 Quarterly Product Update Questions

For those unfamiliar with the Quarterly Product Update (QPU), Cvent hosts a webinar once per quarter to deliver the latest product updates and enhancements. This is your chance to hear directly from our Product Managers themselves and ask your questions. For those who joined us in mid-May for our Q1 2019 updates, thanks for attending!

Big Updates Are Here: What’s New with Project Flex

The Cvent Tech team is continuously working hard to deliver the latest updates and enhancements for New Standard Registration (Flex). This past quarter we had a big release wave – read below to ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest! We don’t want you to miss a beat. Widget Accessibility Improvements We’ve made a few improvements

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New Podcast Episode–Let’s Get Personal: Data Privacy Laws

The newest episode of our “How Great Events Happen” podcast is now live! It’s already been a year since GDPR went into effect–and the ripples in the meetings and events industry are still being felt today. With more on the horizon. Data Privacy Laws will continue to have a major impact on the industry, and

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How CHG Healthcare Uses Event Technology to Put People First

As one of the largest healthcare staffing providers in the U.S., CHG Healthcare works to put people first.  Manager of Corporate Events Annie Gingrich needed to find a technology solution without sacrificing culture. “One of the things we battled was choosing technology in lieu of another really engaged employee. That was something that we had

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Cvent Conference News: May Product Update Round Up

As our tech teams never stop rolling out new product features and enhancements it can be hard to keep up with the volume.  We’ve gathered the recent Cvent Conference product updates below into a brief summary to make it easy for you to see what’s new. Reach out to your Client Delivery Manager for more

Say Hello to the New Cvent Community

At Cvent, nothing is more important to us than the voice of our customers. You are the reason we create new products like Flex, why we host the biggest party of the year at Cvent CONNECT, and why we love connecting with you. With this goal in mind, we’re thrilled to announce the new Cvent


How Cvent Uses Cvent: Onsite Solutions at Cvent CONNECT

We are getting excited for our upcoming annual conference, Cvent CONNECT. You know that technology is at the forefront of the Meetings & Events Industry.  At Cvent CONNECT, we showcase how we use our own technology during all milestones of the event to track the attendee experience.  Registration numbers are always important, but what about

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How Cvent Uses Cvent: Headquarters Holiday Party

As leaders in the event technology industry, Cvent knows that behind every great party is a great planner and months of preparation.  We interviewed Cvent’s own planners, to get a look behind the scenes on how we plan our Holiday party using Cvent technology. Take a look at the process from start to finish. Find

Cvent CONNECT Training Camp

Elevate Your Cvent CONNECT Experience with Cvent Training Camp

Who is going to Cvent CONNECT this year? Is it your first time? We understand one of the most important takeaways of Cvent CONNECT is expanding your knowledge and expertise across the platform in order to use it to the best of your ability. Below, we’ve broken down some fantastic learning opportunities, the Cvent Training