Safety First! Best Practices for Duty of Care in Meetings and Events

One of the topics covered on the final day of Cvent CONNECT was safety surrounding the events industry, and Duty of Care. While most corporate travel programs have established comprehensive Duty of Care programs — generally centered around using a centralized travel management company (TMC) and security expert firms that offer corporate services, such as International

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Your Meetings Management Program: Developing a Meeting Policy

Last week I talked through some of the reasons your company might be looking at implementing a meetings management program . The next step is to outline your meetings policy.  I’m still surprised by how many organizations have don’t have a meetings policy in place, even something informal. The true value of a meetings policy is

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Why You Should Manage Your Meetings Against Return On Engagement Metrics

As discussed in last week’s post, meetings management programs have developed a reputation for being difficult and incredibly time consuming to implement. This blog series will help you simplify the process and achieve executive buy-in and company adoption. Historically, meetings program managers undertook this initiative for potential cost savings. Strategic meetings management research proved that


7 Steps To Sell Your Execs On A Meetings Management Program

For years, the implementation of a strategic meetings management (SMM) program has been the go-to solution for reducing costs,  gaining visibility, and ensuring compliance  around events and meetings at organizations. Yet, on a whole, adoption levels are low outside the Fortune 100. Many point to the difficulty of gaining buy-in from executives as the primary

5 Reasons Why Your Next Meeting Needs a Mobile App

It’s that time of year again: meetings season. Whether it’s an internal company meeting or a conference like Cvent CONNECT, mobile apps are an integral part of any successful event. Our CONNECT app is now available for download, and we can’t wait for our attendees to start using it. When it comes to closed company

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Your Meetings Management Program: Be Your Company’s Savings Superhero

Last week’s post covered mitigating risk when it comes to your meetings management program . This week, we’re pivoting to focus on how your program can contribute to HUGE cost savings for your company. Meetings are proven drivers of productivity, sales, and engagement. They are so impactful, in fact, that 1.1% [2]Aberdeen Group, 2012 of a

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The 5 Most-Critical Meetings Program Risks And How To Avoid Them

Organizations of all sizes struggle with productivity and cost-effectiveness when they haven’t implemented a strategic meetings management program. Whether a company is publicly traded, private, or a member of a strong industry association that governs ethical practices, meeting planning policies should be implemented around budget approval, gifts and the sourcing process. The Most Critical Risks