The Benefits of In-App Social Sharing

In the last few years, the event industry has witnessed the rise and coordination of social media and mobile apps. As planners and attendees have learned to both download...

3 Mobile-Friendly Channels to Help Boost Engagement Before Your Event

As you plan your event, you should also be planning how to engage with your attendees before they get to the show floor. Here are three mobile-friendly channels you can use to help boost pre-show engagement. Event page Your event web page should be live and ready to accept registrations. It should also have all

Belterra: Leading the Sustainable Change

One of the hottest topics in every industry is how businesses can best support their local economy while operating an environmentally sustainable business. At Belterra Casino Resort, sustainability is a top priority. From how the hotel is operated to the light bulbs, Belterra Casino Resort in Vevay, IN has made huge initiatives toward conservation on

Dark Data: Why You Need Scary Feedback

As surveys from your customers or employees begin to pour in, both good and evil reviews join forces to create a bubbling stew of untapped power. Negative feedback can blind your judgement and unearth inner demons by highlighting imperfections that demand your attention.  In the dreadful age of Dark Data, ignoring this trove of first-person

Six Common Survey Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are six ways to turn a customer feedback survey into a colossal waste of time that consumes money and resources but tells your organization absolutely nothing useful. Without further ado, let’s get started! Too many chefs in the kitchen Marketing wants to know product preferences, customer service wants feedback on responsiveness, sales wants to