5 Things to Expect From Your Banquet Event Order

A Banquet Event Order, or “BEO,” is a highly detailed outline of your event. A BEO is the main guideline for the hotel to execute and communicate logistics to all necessary hotel departments. The onsite Event or Catering Manager builds the BEO and will typically send it to you for review before the day of the event.

The most important thing to know is if something is not listed in the BEO, don’t expect it to be at your event. It sounds simple, but communication gets messy. Someone might promise something verbally, but if it isn’t in writing it will most likely be forgotten. Avoid miscommunication by carefully going over your BEO.

Here are the 5 components of BEO’s that you should know

Order of Events

This section breaks the event down to the minute which helps organize the entire event. This part is more common for the timing of weddings rather than corporate events.


The menu lists items based on the time they will be served. For example, it lists appetizers before dinner and so on. The children’s menu and vegetarian and/or gluten-free options are detailed in this section. Check that the food you are ordering makes sense.

If something you need isn’t on the list it won’t be at the event.

Set Up & Equipment

The BEO should include a diagram, picture or at least a note about the room set up. This section takes care of your AV needs. Double check that every screen, power strip, internet line and microphone you need is written down. If something you need isn’t on the list it won’t be at the event.

Vendor Information

For social events especially, expect to see the names and phone numbers of any vendors, such as florists, DJs or caterers. This denotes that the hotel or venue is expecting them and approves.

Special Requests

Noted next to each pertaining section should be any special requests that you’ve made. This is especially important with regard to menu items.

Caroline Howard

Written by Caroline Howard

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