Cvent’s Top 10 Event Blog Posts of 2018

This year, we’ve featured several blog posts focused on the basics of event planning, using metrics to power your event ROI, and the power of personalization. We’ve compiled the top event blog posts below for you to read for guidance and inspiration as the year draws to a close. Happy Reading!

The Best Ways to Answer Attendee Questions

What types of questions should you put in the FAQ section of your website and which ones should you be ready to answer at any time?


Event Promotion

The Best Ways to Promote Your Event

How should you go about promoting your event? This post looks at the different social media channels, email marketing options, and the steps you should take to create a promotion plan.

The Simple Steps of Event Planning

We broke down event planning into four basic steps – even though we know it takes hundreds more. Find out what four of the most important planning steps are.

There's Tech for That - Lines

How to Get Rid of Lines at Events

Huge lines tend to spring up at a moments notice onsite. What can you do to avoid lines and make provide your attendees with a better experience?

Video Camera Recording

Event Technology Upgrades You’ll Need in 2018

We’re heading into 2019, but many of the upgrades mentioned in this post still apply. How many did you use this past year?

Understand Your Consumers with These Market Research Questions

You need to really understand your consumers to give them the types of events they’re looking to attend. We give you all the questions you need to better understand your attendees.


How to Plan for the Worst: When Everything Goes Wrong at Your Event

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. We evaluate the types of problems and how to avoid them.

How to Keep Your Event Materials Organized

After each event, you’re left with materials, swag, signage, and more. What do you do with it all? We have some ideas.

ABC's of Event Planning

The ABC’s of Event Planning

An A-Z look at all things event planning.

What Are the Different Types of Food Service Styles

Cart French, Butlered, Russian. What do these words have in common? They’re all types of food service styles you should know.

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