[Infographic] 2018 Global Planner Sourcing Report

We just went global! Cvent and its hotel counterparts love to pick the brains of our event planner audience, who make up a network of over 200,000 across our planner sourcing platforms and managed a total of 650,000 events in 2016 alone. For our 2018 Global Planner Sourcing Report, we went right to the source to find just what they’re looking for when researching, choosing, and working with the perfect venue. In order to help our hospitality partners continue to build strong relationships with meeting and event professionals bringing business to their venues and destinations, the global survey aimed to ask the questions that’ll send the event industry into 2018 with ideas for improvement.

In its fourth year running, we surveyed over 2,100 planners across the globe, and we asked them about their sourcing, planning, and execution preferences are changing. Check out last year’s report here.

60% of planners say they are planning more events this year than last year

Responses poured in from North America, Europe, Asia, and so many more, and included planner sourcing data from SMERF groups (social, military, education, religious and fraternal), associations, organizations, and corporations. We asked about the planner sourcing process, average meeting size, budget fluctuations, and even their best events of the past year. Take a look at the entire infographic below for the scoop, and see where planners think hotels can improve when carrying out the RFP process, for instance. And keep an eye out for the full report, which will contain all the global data, as well as breakouts by region and trends over the past three years.

How have your planner relationships changed over the past year? What do you hope to improve moving forward? Comment or find us on social media and let us know what you wish you could ask planners, and maybe you’ll make it into next year’s survey!


Hannah Burks

Written by Hannah Burks

Hannah lives in the world of content marketing for Cvent's Hospitality Cloud. She builds blogs, reports, eBooks, and more that bridge the gap between hotel professionals and modern event planners.