Upcoming Webinar: Managing Your Time with Tips from Cvent Experts

As much as we try to plan our days and manage our time, somehow the days we think we have all planned out are over before we know it. Event planners can certainly burn the midnight oil trying to put together spectacular meetings and events. Luckily, Cvent offers great time saving tips to help manage production through our end-to-end platform.

Many planners don’t realize the multitude of features that Cvent tools offer to help save time, so you aren’t left feeling like your days are long gone. Our free webinar will guide you through the automated features that Cvent tools have.

What is one of our top time-saving tips?

You can activate planner alerts to keep you in the loop on key progress points without having to dig for information. Client Success Consultant Tina Magee helps planners save time by tracking their event progress throughout the event lifecycle. With planner alerts, “you’ll be notified of different actions that are occurring within your events,” says Magee.

You can set different criteria for notifications on what actions are being completed so you don’t have to manually go into the platform to see if an action has been completed. “They’re trigger based, so they’re based on the criteria that you set or based on the actions that your registrants are completing,” explains Magee.

Want to learn about more tips?

Our free webinar will leave you well informed about the tools that you already have at your fingertips. Learn how to set internal calendars for better planning, streamline through event templates, activating event custom fields, and much more!

WEBINAR: Making the Most of Managing Your Events: Time-Saving Tips by Cvent Experts

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