How to Collaborate with Marketing and Meetings Management

For the last decade, the meetings management conversation has revolved around risk management, compliance, and cost savings. However, travel managers still struggle with how to fully wrap their arms around meetings and events, with technology being a key solution.

On the flip side, marketing events, such as road shows and user conferences, are measured by their ability to drive company revenue. When you look at the marketing department, on average, events make up 25% of the typical budget, and by 2017 CMOs will spend more on technology that CIOs.

Ultimately these two groups are focused on the same thing – proving the value of bringing people together face to face to conduct business. So how do you create collaboration between these two groups that often times struggle to figure out how to work together?

With this question in mind, we commissioned the GBTA Foundation to explore the collaboration between travel, meetings, and marketing. We are happy to provide this new research report, Cross Departmental Collaboration: When Event Planning Meets Marketing.

To access this report, please download it here.

Written by Julie Haddix