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From vinyl records to throwback fashions, retro is the rage (even VHS tapes are making a comeback!). Sure, vintage can be cool and kitschy, but when it comes to your life as a meetings and events planner, outdated processes aren’t any fun at all. In fact, they’re a drag. I mean, when was the last time you called a friend on a rotary phone?

So, we know the struggle is real, but it actually doesn’t have to be. Spreadsheets littered across computer desktops, sticky notes pasted all over offices, and tedious time-consuming processes have become as outdated as wheel-less luggage and those 40 lb. planning binders.

The Automation Evolution has changed the planning game for good, and it continues to evolve year after year. In fact, planners who leverage event management tech are increasing productivity by 27%, and boosting their event attendance by 20%. Plus, they’re cutting costs, something that makes managers and the finance office very happy.

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This eBook takes you on an automation journey through the various stages of the event lifecycle, showcasing the common challenges event professionals face, then providing key examples of how these challenges can be overcome with the help of technology. You’ll also find relatable stories from industry professionals who have changed the way they achieve event success, with the help of automation.

“Cost savings, time savings, tree savings! Our attendees love it, and it gets better and better and bigger and bigger every year. It makes for a much cleaner event for the planner and for the attendee.”
–CrowdCompass Customer

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John Hunter

Written by John Hunter

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