(Fund) Raising the Bar: The Value of Event Tech for Nonprofits

Limited budgets, fluctuating staff sizes, lack of time–if you’re a professional working for a nonprofit organization, you’re likely faced with a myriad of challenges, most of which are centered around reaching fundraising goals year after year. One of the tried-and-true ways meeting and event planners in the nonprofit world reach these goals is by holding a variety of live events. I’m sure you’re familiar with these.

Nonprofit planners understand the power of events. Events enable you to reach fundraising goals, retain donors, spread awareness, educate constituents, boost community involvement, strengthen relationships, and more. Event  technology can help you and your team better plan and execute those events efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re hosting a gala, auction, banquet, seated dinner, or other fundraiser, meeting and event technology can help you accelerate your mission. Here are just a few ways event technology can cure some of the planning pain.

Event Marketing and Promotion

Building awareness and creating excitement and buzz around your events is critical. But the fact is, it’s difficult for anyone to pull this off without some help. Event technology can ease the process by allowing you to create automated, targeted, and personalized marketing campaigns to maximize the impact of your promotion efforts. From emails messages to branded registration websites, you’ll be able to communicate the right message to your constituents to drive event registration and attendance–at the right time. You’ll also be able to quickly and easily track the success of your marketing and promotion efforts and adjust accordingly.

  • Build impactful marketing campaigns
  • Segment contacts for relevant outreach
  • Drive awareness with social media promotion

Event Registration and Ticketing

You don’t want your event registration website to be a barrier to success. Your attendees want a user-friendly registration experience, and event technology can give them one. With, say,  a customized one-page, pre-populated registration form, the experience can be fulfilling, instead of frustrating. You’ll also be able to select a ticketing-style process or collect donations during registration. The technology gives you the option.

  • Collect personal information
  • Set ticket types and pricing options
  • Accept online registrations
  • Process payments securely
  • Manage seating for tabled events

Onsite Check-In

Recovering from a bad first impression is difficult. Long lines, crowds huddling around tables filled with pre-printed name badges on lanyards, and general confusion around check-in can put your most important events  in a hole, even before they really begin. Event technology can solve these cringe-worthy situations in a snap. When your attendees arrive, you’ll be able to quickly check them in and get them off to your event. You’ll shorten your check-in lines, reduce staff needed at the registration desk, and start your event off on the right foot. No more bad first impressions.

  • Quickly register and check in attendees
  • Print name badges and table tents on-demand
  • Collect payments and donations onsite
  • Have real-time data on event performance

Learn more about the many ways event management technology is the right solution for your nonprofit.

John Hunter

Written by John Hunter

John is the Manager, Event Cloud Content Marketing at Cvent. He has extensive copywriting experience across a diverse set of industries, including broadcast television, retail advertising, associations, higher education and corporate public relations. John has written copy for broadcast and cable television, radio, direct mail, websites, email campaigns, blogs, retail advertisements, sales collateral, magazine articles, case studies, white papers and more.