Millennials: We GET You! (Infographic)

One of the most important speeches I ever heard was about how each generation perceives the world. In the case of Boomers such as myself, we couldn’t wait to leave our parents’ homes to strike out on our own. So when, in some cases, the children of Boomers preferred to live at home, many of us wondered, “What’s wrong with them?”

The answer was: nothing. Each generation does not simply answer to the benchmarks of its forebears, it creates its own benchmark with which to measure itself. Leaving home was the Boomer benchmark; grasping technology was that of Gen X, while Millennials are full-on tech natives. It’s less important to judge each generation by another’s standards than it is to understand them.

Which is why Cvent recently surveyed more than 800 meeting planners. “As the next generation of meeting planners rises in the work place, hotels and event venues need to better understand their behaviors to close more group business,” said Kevin Fliess, vice president of product marketing at Cvent. “It is clear from the survey findings that both the influx of millennial planners and advances in event planning processes and technologies are changing how hotels compete for lucrative group business.”

The following infographic represents a taste of the fascinating facts and insights that can be drawn from this report.

Written by Terri Harden

Written by Cvent Guest