New Study: How to Improve the ROI of Event Marketing

Despite the significant power of events, almost two-thirds of CMOs don’t believe or are unsure if they are getting the data they need to fully evaluate the effectiveness of their event marketing programs.

This creates challenges at budget time when the funding decisions are being made about events. While events are deemed critically important, they often lack the supporting financial data to objectively prove their value. Compared to other components of the CMO’s marketing mix that have become more sophisticated in measuring ROI, event marketers are lagging in their ability to connect the dots between activities and demonstrated results.

All that is about to change.

Cvent and The CMO Club commissioned an exclusive research study, The CMO Solution Guide: Modern Event Marketing – Viewing Events as an Asset, not an Expense. This guide lays out the specific actions marketing leaders can take to improve the demonstrable financial impact of their event marketing programs

Follow this link  to download your free copy.

Your events are powerful, now make them more profitable.

Written by Julie Haddix