Nontraditional Event Spaces Your Attendee Will Enjoy

Not every event needs to be held in an everyday ballroom. Consider these nontraditional venues for your next meeting or event.

1. Rooftop: Take attendees to new heights with a rooftop venue, an ideal escape for meeting planners looking to “wow” their groups with an evening event. Not only do rooftop spaces provide picture-perfect views of the cityscape or sweeping landscape, they also have gardenlike décor already built into the ambience. 

2. Hotel Banquet Kitchen/Loading Dock: From handmade foods to nitro ice cream, let the F&B shine at a kitchen party. Add live bands, a DJ, trapeze artists who interact with the guests, or live local artists working in tandem with the food theme to create a never-before-seen experience, serviced by our chefs.

3. Outdoor Space: After being cooped up in meetings in (mostly) windowless rooms, enjoy the fresh air and sunlight at an outdoor venue. Among the many benefits of getting some outside time are a renewed energy and sharper concentration skills. Is the temperature too hot or too cold to brave the outdoors? A venue with a glass atrium or floor-to-ceiling windows can help attendees feel refreshed, all in a climate-controlled environment.

4. Pool Deck: Stack up those loungers, and you’ll be surprise just how much square footage is available on a pool deck. From an alfresco lunch to a lantern-lit barbecue, nothing screams summer more than a poolside setting. Only allowed to use the pool deck in the offseason? No problem! Pool season generally runs Memorial Day through Labor Day, with plenty of warm days to utilize in the shoulder seasons. Consider patio heaters if you’re not sure of the weather.

5. Underground: Just as fun as a rooftop location, basement parties or “underground” events can take advantage of otherwise forgotten spaces. Channel the speakeasies that took to obscure underground locations to hide their business, and make it an adventure just to get to the event. Keep the location a closely guarded secret until the very last minute, and complete the ambience with unique entry points, Prohibition cocktails, and lots of jazz!


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