Planning Your Perfect Event

Event preparation can turn even the most competent person into a ball of nerves. If you’re looking to plan your own company’s next holiday party, awards banquet or spacious home, unwind. Our useful tips can make the process go much more easily and efficiently.

First, think about how you want your event to feel and look. Once you have defined the basic parameters, then you are ready to proceed with planning. Create a checklist extending to a step-by-step guide to organizing and executing a particular event.

Produce a spending budget – This may provide you with a fiscal blueprint for your event. The spending budget should be specific and include earnings opportunities in addition to expenses such as printing, permits, speakers, food, supplies, and security.

Maintain good records, keeping track of expenses and income. Expect the unexpected, additional expenses will come up – so plan ahead.

Schedule facilities – The location of your event is essential for success. Selecting a location is more than simply finding out what rooms are available. There are many factors to consider, including room capacity, whether you’re having an in or outdoor event, if there are special needs like a podium, stage or special equipment, how many tables and chairs will be needed for guests, what sort of food will you serve.

It is of utmost importance to pick the right conference rooms for your event. If it’s a business event, finding the right balance between work and leisure can contribute greatly towards a successful event.

At Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo, we’re here to help make your event a success down to the smallest details. From the stunning locations and world-class facilities, we offer, to the exceptional service and distinguished menu options available. It’s about knowing what you need before you need it. And creating an environment where perfection can happen.

Get rewarded with Golden Circle Points every time you organise meetings and events, and use your points to redeem personal Shangri-La experiences or settle up to 5% of your event spend too.

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