Saddlebrook…Much More Than a Meeting Destination

Known as Florida’s Quintessential Meeting Resort, Saddlebrook has taken golf to a new level. The 480-acre award-winning resort has recently renewed and refreshed their two Arnold Palmer signature golf courses to go along with the new Golf Training Center and Range.

On both golf courses, the long term goal was to achieve consistent exceptional conditioning throughout the year. Work has been done on all aspects of course improvement including the initiation of many new cultural practices designed to vastly improve greens quality and speed. Programs of all types have been designed and implemented to improve the over-all playability of the courses. This includes greens reconstruction, tee leveling, drainage improvements, and much more. The results of these projects are providing a totally new look and character to the appearance and playability of the courses.

The 16-acre Saddlebrook Golf Training Center and Range is a golfer’s paradise, encompassing every element of the game and the latest state-of-the-art TrackMan, SamBalanceLab, and SamPuttLab technology. The trackman uses sophisticated data on moment of impact; Same BalanceLab measures motion and weight transfer with a high caliber sensor; and Sam PuttLab diagnoses the ball’s roll after contact with an ultrasound radar tracking system. Whether a beginner or professional, golfers can find challenging and valuable golf play in this multi-faceted training facility. Golfers can train with one of the resort’s professionals or score themselves while rotating through the practice stations.

This means that groups meeting at Saddlebrook can work with our golf staff for a tournament or individual play to compliment the group’s meeting experience.

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