Satisfy Your Craving For High App Adoption

Building your mobile event app may seem like a big effort, but it’s actually pretty easy. We know as an event professional you’re super busy, and you want all your work to be worthwhile. For that reason, the fear of a poorly adopted mobile event app may outweigh the need for an app altogether. That is why we want to help ensure you have all the resources you need to guarantee high app adoption, because high adoption leads to high engagement, and high engagement leads to increased ROI and happy sponsors. Whether you have five minutes or half a day to devote to learning how to improve app adoption, we’re here for you and will help provide you with the content and resources you need.

Bread Basket – Build Excitement Before Your Next Event

You know that old mantra, “If you build it they will come?” That mentality doesn’t actually work for most things in life, which includes mobile event apps. In order for your mobile event app to be successful, people need to download it, and they don’t normally download it just because you created it. You need to make sure you are giving people a reason to consume the app. One of the best ways to do this is to build hype using gamification.

Gamification gives your attendees a fun way to engage with the event days, even weeks, before it starts. By doing so, when your attendees arrive onsite, they will already be familiar with the mobile event app.  This means your attendees will be prepared to use the app to its full potential right off the bat. To learn more about the ways gamification can help you improve your app’s adoption rates, check out our blog post, Build Excitement Before Your Event Even Starts With a Mobile Event App.

Salad– App Adoption Toolkit

As fun as gamification is, there’s a lot more you can and should be doing with your mobile event app. That being said, knowing where to start and what you should be doing can be tricky. If you’re ready to really lay out your app adoption strategy to see your best adoption rates yet but need a little help with the planning, check out our App Adoption Toolkit. This toolkit will help you coordinate your marketing efforts to ensure you are promoting your app in a timely manner. The toolkit also suggests appropriate event-related hashtags for you to use and so much more. If you’re hungry to learn more, dive right into the app adoption toolkit. The copious resources found in the toolkit are sure to help you see adoption rates like never before!

Entree – How to Increase Mobile Event App Adoption

If you’re still hungry to learn more about app adoption, satisfy your craving by watching our on-demand webinar How to Increase Mobile Event App Adoption. The hour-long webinar walks you through creating an actionable marketing plan for your mobile event app. It also outlines proven strategies and tips to ensure your attendees use the app once they’ve downloaded it. There’s even a CrowdCompass customer who joins the webinar to talk about she was able to increase her stats. This webinar will help you discover how to make your own actionable app plan and gives you insights into the success you could see using specific examples from an event planner.

Whether you’re hungry for a full meal of content or just want to start with the bread basket, we have app adoption resources of all sizes ready for your consumption!

Written by Hannah Huston