Does Your Team Have Hidden Talents? Find Out at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

You know that colleague at work who’s super crafty? What if they secretly had a competitive side?

And the one who can’t bear to lose? Perhaps they can dial down the intensity and kick up the creativity every now and then.

But you might not find out unless you experience one of the many team-building activities at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa. It’s one of the Midwest’s favorite destinations for group events, due in large part to the imaginative programs designed to engage, challenge, and inspire.

Check out a few of the featured options this summer:

Image Collaboration
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and artists will discover this firsthand. Each participant will create an individual work that, when put together with the others, makes one coherent piece. Groups often choose their company logo and/or tagline as the final product but may collaborate on any image that piques their interest.

Hollywood Game Show
If you’ve ever watched your favorite game show and thought, “I could do that!,” this is your chance to prove it. Compete against co-workers in a variety of fun challenges that will test your song recognition, trivia knowledge, and ability to solve riddles while blindfolded.

The Grand Challenge
If there’s a jack-of-all-trades on your team, they’ll enjoy this mixed bag of events in the style of The Amazing Race. From a list of over 20 different challenges,
resort staff will hand-select a custom itinerary that will best test the skills of your group. Tasks range from mixing cocktails to scaling a rock wall, all with the encouragement — and opposition — of your fellow contestants. When it’s all said and done, medals are awarded for bragging rights and eternal glory.

These are just a few of the opportunities available, and new ones pop up every season. Check out the full list of team-building adventures at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa. You might just learn something new about a colleague — or yourself.

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