Crowne Plaza Meetings Director: We Take Care of You So You Can Take Care of Business

At every Crowne Plaza, there’s one dedicated Crowne Plaza Meetings Director who is the key point of contact for the Meeting Planner, providing One-Stop Service and ensuring that all needs and requirements are met. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable. The Crowne Plaza Meetings Director is there to assist you, providing advice, guidance, and recommendations.

As a critical leadership role within the meetings and events team, the Crowne Plaza Meetings Director is responsible for working effectively with other hotel departments to formulate best practices for a seamless meetings experience.

What do they do to help you hold a successful meeting?

Before the meeting

The Crowne Plaza Meetings Director guarantees a 2-hour response upon receiving a meeting request from you. They will provide you with a personalized proposal within 24 hours, and conduct banquet and catering facility tours and entertain you to enhance the meeting/banquet experience.

In pre-event planning, the Crowne Plaza Meetings Director will help you to identify the optimal meeting room configuration and provide recommendations on meeting flow, menu planning, catering coordination, and décor to support seamless execution. They will also arrange all details, such as room set-up, staging, lighting, audiovisual, traffic flow, menus, décor, entertainment, group room blocks, transportation, billing instructions, and VIP services.

During the meeting

The Crowne Plaza Meetings Director provides you with dedicated on-site support through an instant form of communication, ensuring that even the smallest detail is not overlooked and giving you a real-time response to urgent requests. Crowne Plaza Meetings Director will meet with you daily to debrief, as well as conducting a final daily meeting debrief to ensure that all elements of the meeting were met with satisfaction or address concerns.

After the meeting

The Crowne Plaza Meetings Director provides an invoice within 48 hours and invites you to provide feedback in a post-event survey on how the hotel team can better meet your expectations and address your concerns or compliments.

The Crowne Plaza Meetings Director is truly an essential point of continuity, an expert partner for the Meeting Planner at all stages of the experience to ensure a successful meeting.

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