IHG® Business Rewards: The Loyalty Program Built with You in Mind

We believe organizers are the unsung heroes of successful events. Because you put extra time and care into delivering a truly memorable event, we want to give you extra rewards with IHG® Business Rewards.

IHG® Business Rewards is a loyalty offering from IHG® Rewards Club that rewards individuals that book on behalf of others. Members earn IHG® Rewards Club points when planning their business accommodations, business meetings, and corporate events as well as social bookings such as wedding services, with participating IHG® hotels.

Now you can get even more from booking with us

With IHG® Business Rewards, you can earn 3 points for every $1 USD spend every time you book accommodation, meetings, or events at over 4,600 participating IHG® hotels worldwide. From board meetings and conferences to weddings and social events, we understand the work that goes into planning and we know all your bookings are important, so we reward you no matter the size.

You’ve earned it

As a member of IHG® Business Rewards, you’re also automatically enrolled in IHG® Rewards Club. We recognize that if you book rooms, events, and meetings for others, you may stay with us personally too.

Enjoy the rewards you deserve

You’ve planned, you’ve booked, you’ve earned… now it’s time to enjoy the rewards! You can redeem for personal or company rewards such as hotel stays, airline mileage, retail vouchers, office supplies, meeting credits, and much more from our online redemption catalogue.

For more information, please check out our brand website: www.ihg.com/businessrewards

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