Some Secrets to a Great Meeting: Did someone Say Perks?

Meetings don’t just happen, they’re made. Behind every gathering, there is a person who brings everyone together and makes it all work. From the presentation to the celebratory drinks, someone has put their heart into creating not just a meeting, but an experience. That person is you. The Meeting Maker.

We’re celebrating you, by offering our Meeting Makers promotion. As the Meeting Maker, you’re the one who can take an event from mundane to memorable. Book your group or meeting space by December 31, 2017, to save up to 5% on your master bill and add to your event with your choice of premium perks.

Perks include complimentary Wi-Fi, room upgrades, one-hour wine reception, and 10% off AV equipment rental.

  • If you spend $10k-$99k, you’ll receive 3% off the master bill and one perk.
  • If you spend $100k-$199k, you’ll receive 4% off the master bill and two perks.
  • If you spend $200k+, you’ll receive 5% off the master bill and all perks.

The bigger the event, the bigger the perks!

Visit for more information, including terms and conditions.


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