[Webinar] How to Move Up the Analytics Curve with Competitive Hotel Data

In the hospitality industry, if you’re not keeping up with technology, you’re not keeping up with the competition. Using analytics to get an edge on the competition and get ahead of the curve to win more RFPs is the name of the game. Our new webinar series Three Keys to Getting Ahead of the Competition in 2018 brings you expert insights and actionable best practices for leveraging technology to gain an invaluable advantage.

These three sessions bring you strategic insights from experts in the field who will share actionable insights that you can immediately put to work at your venue or organization. Attend one, or all, of these free, fast-paced webinars:

  • September 19 at 2:00 PM EST: How to Move Up the Analytics Curve with Competitive Hotel Data – presented by Jeffrey Emenecker, General Manager, Cvent
  • September 26 at 2:00 PM EST: Tips for Staying Top-of-Mind Throughout the Planner Buying Cycle – presented by Michael Mustafa, VP, Hyperdisk
  • October 3 at 2:00 PM EST: Building a Winning Budget for Group Sales and Marketing – presented by Janine Alsalam, Director of Sales, Cvent, Inc.

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The first webinar, “How to Move Up the Analytics Curve with Competitive Hotel Data,” sets the stage for creating a strategic approach for using data and analytics to gain competitive advantage. You’ll learn about best practices from Jeffrey Emenecker, Cvent’s General Manager of Decision Street, who has extensive experience in increasing revenue and profit for customers through technology, analytics, strategic marketing, and product development.

Data and analytics can be overwhelming — there’s so much data available, but without context, that data is just noise. In the webinar, Emenecker will provide you with a strategic roadmap for determining what you need to know, what data can best inform your decision, and how to develop analytics as a core organizational competency. Having a strategic approach will help you maximize your time and ensure the insights you glean from your data are aligned with business outcomes. You’ll learn:

  • How the effective use of data can build market share.
  • How to develop a strategic approach to identifying the right metrics to monitor.
  • Actionable steps for turning numbers into insights.

Event planners have a wide range of choices to make about where to host their events. Leveraging data to boost the odds that they will choose your facility can help put you out front. This small investment of time can lead to big benefits down the road.

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Written by Cvent Guest