eBook: Ultimate Guide to Negotiations

Behind every successful group business contract is a hotel professional using smart negotiation practices. In fact, your hotel’s revenue relies on the negotiation skills you bring to every planner interaction. With the right skills and insider insight, hotel professionals will be prepared to master the negotiation stage of every meeting and event at their venue.

In our new eBook, Ultimate Guide to Group Business Negotiations, experts offer insights that highlight what planners and event professionals look for during the negotiation phase of the event planning lifecycle. And today, empathy, active listening, and building connections are the new rules of group business bargaining. Using these approaches in your negotiations can dramatically impact your ability to meet and surpass your sales goals now and in the future.

To explore the intricacies of planner-hotelier relationships, we talked to Bob Korin, Director of National Accounts Eastern Region for Hilton Hotels Hawaii, and Joan Eisenstodt, a hospitality consultant and trainer who has planned meetings for 40+ years for clients like the American Dental Education Association, American Immigration Lawyers Association, and Council on Foundations. Eisenstodt urged hoteliers to examine the planner perspective when entering negotiations, “Planners are motivated by more than just rates, dates, and space. Keep asking discovery questions and learn what’s really important to your clients.”

The eBook also looks into the specific do’s and don’ts of group business negotiations, designed to give venues the upper hand at the bargaining table without forgetting the planner perspective. Some smart strategies include:

  • Staying customer-centric.
  • Anticipating objections and questions.
  • Building lasting relationship.
  • Sharpening social intelligence.
  • Aligning yourself as a collaborator.

Read the full report for a complete look at how you can improve your group business negotiation tactics, expand your planner network, and create beneficial relationships with your target audience for years to come.

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Hannah Burks

Written by Hannah Burks

Hannah lives in the world of content marketing for Cvent's Hospitality Cloud. She builds blogs, reports, eBooks, and more that bridge the gap between hotel professionals and modern event planners.