Maximize Your Cvent Supplier Network Listing with Venue Ratings

Everyone knows first impressions can make or break a relationship, but did you ever consider that your first impression with a planner will most likely occur online? More than 38 percent of planners begin the venue sourcing journey via online group intermediaries, which means your venue’s Cvent profile completeness is critical in making a memorable first impression.

In 2015, planners sent more than 1.8 million RFPs to venues and sourced more than $9.8 billion of group business through the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN). However, if your venue’s profile was incomplete, you likely missed out on many of these RFPs. This is because beyond first impressions, profile completeness plays a direct role in search results. Much of what is included or omitted from a CSN profile affects whether a venue shows up in a planner’s search results. The filters planners choose have the power to leave your property out. Appearance in more search results drives more RFPs to your venue, which translates to increased group business for your property.

Why You Should Update Your Venue Rating

You may be thinking that all of this information is pretty obvious. But there are sections of information within venues’ profiles that tend to get overlooked. One section we frequently see overlooked is Venue Rating, which includes a property’s star rating and awards. It’s important to update this section because planners use them to source top-rated venues. It’s always a good idea to broadcast your honors.

Thoughts from a Cvent Planner

Ciaran, a Project Coordinator for MCI Dublin, recently contacted us because he uses CSN for venue sourcing and relies heavily on the venue rating filter:

“My name is Ciaran, and I am a Project Coordinator for MCI Dublin – I work on the corporate team, and I lead the venue sourcing for some of our largest pieces of business. We recently had an inquiry for a large international conference taking place this June 2016 with overflow bedrooms citywide, and I was researching potential international destinations.   

We were only considering 4- and 5-star properties for this inquiry, and I added all of the venues and sent the initial RFP. When I ran through the list a second time, I noticed that the results seemed minimal. I found that many qualified venues were actually located in the “unrated” category because the Venue Rating section had not been updated. Many qualified venues were potentially missing out on my key business due to this exclusion of information!

I would urge any venues who fall into the “unrated” category to adjust this on the Cvent platform, as this saves time for event planners and gives full visibility of your venue to any potential business that may be in the pipeline.”

How to Update Your Venue Rating

As you can see, Ciaran and other top meeting planners are eager to send business to qualified venues. Ensure your venue is qualified by updating your venue rating on your profile. Here’s how to update your rating:

Under the Venue Ratings section in your CSN profile, use the dropdown options to apply the ratings your venue has received from the various agencies listed. In the Primary column on the right, select the appropriate rating to appear at the top of your profile and in search results. Then, use the Venue Awards text box to list specific awards or nominations.

Cvent Supplier Network

(Note: If you are missing a Northstar rating, email Northstar Travel Media and mention the Cvent Supplier Network in your inquiry. If you have a Northstar rating but do not want to advertise it, check the box next to “Do not display Northstar rating on the Cvent Supplier Network.”)

When you have updated all of your ratings in the Venue Ratings section, click Save. Once you have updated the appropriate venue ratings on your profile, you will show up in more search results based upon the ratings filters planners select.

Have additional questions about updating your property’s venue rating or additional sections of your profile? Contact Cvent’s Customer Care team.

Written by Cvent Guest