[Webinar] Building a Winning Hotel Budget

If you’re not using technology to give you a leg up on the competition, you’re likely missing out on opportunities that can boost your group business performance and hotel budget strategy. It can be tough to break away from top-of-mind priorities to learn about new trends and options for beating the competition, but that’s exactly what you need to do.

Our new webinar series Three Keys to Getting Ahead of the Competition in 2018 will bring you expert insights and timely best practices that you can put to immediate use.

These weekly sessions bring you strategic guidance from experts in the field who will share actionable information that you can immediately put to work to beat the competition. Here are all the sessions:

  • September 19 at 2:00 PM EST: How to Move Up the Analytics Curve with Competitive Hotel Data – presented by Jeffrey Emenecker, General Manager, Cvent
  • September 26 at 2:00 PM EST: Tips for Staying Top-of-Mind Throughout the Planner Buying Cycle – presented by Michael Mustafa, VP, HyperDisk
  • October 3, at 2:00 PM EST: Building a Winning Budget for Group Sales and Marketing – presented by Janine Alsalam, Director of Sales, Cvent

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When competition is tight, budgets get even tighter. Each year you’re called upon to do more with less. Unfortunately, if you’re like many other hoteliers, your approach to budgeting likely involves making minor tweaks to your budget from the year before. If that’s true, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on some competitive insights that can drive sales and revenue growth.

The final webinar in our three-part series, “Building a Winning Budget for Group Sales and Marketing,” will introduce you to a more strategic approach to the budgeting process. Janine Alsalam, Cvent Hospitality Cloud Sales Director will share industry-specific best practices for better hotel budgeting. She’ll show you how considerations like strategic alignment, analytics, and stakeholder feedback, combined with a flexible approach, can put you on more solid footing and give you a head start against the competition.

This insightful, one-hour webinar will show you how to:

  • Evaluate previous performance, by tactic and segment, to get a better sense of ROI
  • Set strategic direction for future budgeting cycles
  • Identify targeted marketing solutions
  • Use budgeting tools to streamline the process

Each year, organizational priorities change, business dynamics change and the competitive landscape changes. Your budget process needs to adapt to these changes. This webinar will show you how.

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Hannah Burks

Written by Hannah Burks

Hannah lives in the world of content marketing for Cvent's Hospitality Cloud. She builds blogs, reports, eBooks, and more that bridge the gap between hotel professionals and modern event planners.