Have You Considered These Hotel Tech Trends?

As technology evolves, the number of communication solutions also continues to grow. With so many options, some of these services and products may be exactly what your hotel needs to gain a valuable edge on the competition. Below are some of the latest hotel communication trends and how they can upgrade and operationalize your property or destination this year.

Mobile Apps

These aren’t the mobile apps of yesterday – apps in 2017 are designed to simply and effectively provide a consistent user experience. Apps like CrowdCompass serve as an all-in-one event partner, created to streamline event data and organization for planners and their guests. It provides users with a personalized activity feed, hotel information, and important event details in an easy-to-navigate format. If hotels help planners navigate the exciting new world of event apps, it translates into happy patrons and customer retention.

Planner Networks

Whether you connect with professional meeting planners for multiple events throughout the year or just a handful, utilizing a planner network can keep all your interactions in one place. For example, more than 200,000 hotels and venues use the Cvent Supplier Network to keep business engagements organized on one platform. It also provides you with one simple-to-use channel for responding to and managing RFPs, reducing the risk of booking errors, and incentivizing planners to book at your property.

Conference Tech

Conferences are getting larger and more in-depth in their use of technology. To ensure that everyone stays connected amidst the hustle and bustle, there are a number of tech solutions on the market. For example, registration management platforms ensure that attendees are informed and comfortably directed during every conference. Appointment booking technology allows attendees to network and foster deep connections with new people they meet along the way.

Technology such as Cvent Passkey can also lead to a more satisfying client experience. Integrated room block and upgrade management informs guests of all of their options when they are staying at your hotel. On the business side, you can use Passkey to promote and upsell your services to guests. It’s these small differences that result in the overwhelming success of a conference and incremental revenue for hotels and chains.

ROI Measurement

The average customer survey has come a long way. Inquisium, for instance, allows you to request and manage feedback from your clients as they engage with your hotel services. Whether you want to learn more about the quality of your events or your guest accommodations, you can gather data in feedback tools to make improvements as soon as possible. The insight you collect can also be used by your sales and marketing teams to enhance their plans for booking new business and building customer loyalty.

These are just some of the many hotel technology solutions on the market. Quick, efficient, and transparent communication between you and event planners results in greater satisfaction for both sides. In the end, you can pave the way for more business engagements in the future, knowing what you can do to increase group business and satisfy planner clients. To learn more about what planners expect from the venues they book, check out the 2016 Planner Sourcing Report.

Written by Cvent Guest