The Road to Flex: Understanding Timelines and Milestones

As we leap into spring, our product developers are hard at work gearing up New Standard Registration (Flex) with new feature functionality. They’re constantly building and improving upon the tool to make sure it’s the best event management software out there.

Keeping Up With Flex Feature Releases

Our team recently released a fresh, sleek site that allows you to more easily digest feature availability in the new event creation type. Click here to view. The clean site shows which features exist within both Classic and Flex, which features are fully new releases with the Flex launch, any temporary limitations, and timelines for releases. The list is updated frequently, so you can confidently continue to reference this site. At a quick glance, here are the latest features rolled out in the past month to get excited about:

  • QR Code and Bar Code Widgets in the Email Designer
  • Send Email from Invitees Grid
  • Automatic Hotel Refunds
  • Hotel Billing Instructions
  • View/Modify Feedback Survey Responses from Invitee Record
  • Travel Credit Card
  • Set Invitation List by Registration Type

We know, change can be scary, but these changes will take your event site to the next level. So, what do you need to know?

We’re here to clear up some confusion.

We’ve been loving the New Standard Registration tools and hope you have been, too! However, you may be asking yourself – what does this mean for Classic Registration?  When it’s no longer an event creation type, will my past events go away? How long do I have until we hit this time? Read below to feel more comfortable overall with the timeline.

Your past events will never be deleted.

A popular question our support team has received over the past few months is, “When am I going to lose the ability to look at my historic Classic Registration events?” The answer is, never! Even after Classic is fully shut down as an event creation method, you will always be able to look at your past events and run reports for historical data. Whether your event happened last week or a decade ago, they will be visible. We never want you to lose the ability to reference past data to continue building bigger and better events for your organization.

So, when will I start to see changes in my account?

Our technology team is continuously working hard to release the latest functionality that will lead us to a fully polished event type. Until Flex is at ‘feature complete’, which means able to do everything and more that you’re used to doing in Classic, you will NOT lose the ability to create a Classic Registration event.

When we do officially hit feature complete, it won’t be an overnight switch to only seeing Flex as your event type option. While we encourage you to start familiarizing yourself with Flex and use the new design tools, we will give at least six months to properly manage the transition and get your team on board.

If you haven’t seen already, we’ve created a toolkit to help guide you through your successful transition. The tools in the Flex Transition Toolkit will walk you through the steps you can take to prepare your organization, recommend communication and training plans, outline key milestones, and provide project management templates. Definitely check it out.

What major Flex milestones should be on my radar?

The first phase of saying goodbye to Classic will be losing the ability to create a brand-new event. However, you will still be able to copy an existing event. Currently, approximately 90% of events are created by duplicating, so losing the functionality of creating a brand-new event in Classic should not have a major effect across your organization.

After giving plenty of time to complete your migration to Flex, we will remove the ability to copy an existing event and ultimately sunset Classic. At that time, Flex will be the only form of Standard Registration. Like we mentioned, your Cvent Account Team will give appropriate notice for when each of these milestones are approaching, so don’t worry!

We’re here to help you.

Yes, change can be hard. But for now, rest assured that you will have both event types available for creation.

Answers to the above questions and other frequent asks can be found with our Flex FAQ. We’ve also created an all-encompassing site for Flex resources, such as webinars, help articles, sample site, and even the tools we’ve mentioned earlier like the Transition Toolkit and Features List.


Tristen Asrejadid

Written by Tristen Asrejadid

Tristen is a current member of the Customer Marketing team but started her journey with Cvent in the Client Services department about three years ago. She is a Virginia Tech alum originally from northern New Jersey. When she’s not in the office, you can find her training for her next half marathon or hopping on a plane to her next travel destination.