Strategic Meetings Management: Developing Your Project Timeline

 Congratulations! If you’ve been keeping up with our biweekly blog series, you’ve put together a business case and received initial approval for your meetings program.

Your next step should be to put together a high-level project plan to prep for organization-wide roll out of your new strategic meeting program. Here’s what you should consider:

  1. Identify key stakeholders
  2. Develop and finalize a meetings policy
  3. Communications plan
  4. Kick Off meeting
  5. Technology implementation roll out
  6. Train key audiences
  7. Monitor and reinforce
  8. Evaluate and refine

 If you need help creating your timetable, download the template we created + our Meetings Starter Kit

This post is part of a series on strategic meetings managementThis content was originally posted on in 2014. 


Madeline Hessel

Written by Madeline Hessel

Maddy is on the Content Marketing Team at Cvent. When she’s not geeking out on lead gen tactics, optimizing processes, or cramming prospects through the funnel faster, you can find Maddy playing soccer, cooking a yummy dinner at home, or traipsing around the country to visit her geographically-challenged family.