DFYNB Ep. 2 – Attracting VIP Attendees with Kevin Lau of Marketo

On today’s show – getting more VIP attendees at your event.

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You know, a lot of event producers and marketers are under pressure to increase attendance at our events year-after-year. But just as important as overall attendance is having the right mix of attendees. When you’re using your live events to drive demand for your products and services, or to generate leads for your sales department, it’s especially important that you attract decision makers to your events – those prospects who can ultimately cut the check to your business.

Most of the time, that means executives, and executives can be the toughest folks to get to your event.

So in this episode of Don’t Forget Your Name Badge, I’m joinded by Kevin Lau, Senior Manager of Customer Marketing at Marketo. Kevin and his team used focused event content and a cross-channel marketing push to get over 550 VIP attendees to their 2017 Marketing Nation Summit. Today we talk about how they did it and the lessons that we all can learn from their experience.

The dapper Mr. Kevin Lau

We also talk about Customer marketing and the strategies that Marketo uses to convert its customers into advocates for their brand. I learned a lot from our conversation and I think you will, too.

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