DFYNB Ep. 3 – Captivating Event Experiences with Jay Guilford of Cirque du Soleil

On today’s show – Captivating event experiences.

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For those of us in marketing, our live events are the rare occasions when we get to meet our customers and prospects face to face, where we can put our brand and our message front and center. So it’s crucial that we make the most of that opportunity by creating an experience that our attendees will remember.

At the same time, the competition for people’s attention has never been greater. It’s not good enough to get your audience to attend – once they’re onsite you’ve got you captivate them. And provide them an experience that’s more tempting and more engaging than whatever they’ve got on their mobile device.

Today I’m speaking with Jay Guilford from Cirque du Soleil SPARK Sessions. Jay works on a team that has taken aspects of the showmanship that Cirque du Soleil is known for and has applied them to the world of corporate live events. We talk about the different types of events that they’ve offered in the past as well as way that event professionals can incorporate a little spectacle in their events. We also talk about audience participation. When it works, when it doesn’t and how you can tell the difference. Jay is an interesting guy with a very interesting job in marketing, and I really enjoyed our conversation.

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