DFYNB Ep. 8 – Measuring Event Success with Ebony Venters

Today on the show – Measuring event success.

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We could do a whole podcast series on event results. As event professionals, we can boost attendance, create great content, drive networking and engagement onsite, and pull it all off on time and under budget. But none of that matters unless we can measure it and report is back to our internal stakeholders.

That’s why I’m so happy to have Ebony Venters back on today’s show to discuss event goals, KPIs, metrics, ROI and more.

Ebony Venters is the Director of Marketing Operations here at Cvent. It’s her job to implement and refine the processes and technologies that the marketing department needs to function efficiently. In our conversation, she talks about developing goals for live events that roll up into higher-level business objectives and how to build key performance indicators (KPIs) around those goals.

We also talk about marketing operations more generally. Ebony discusses ways that marketing departments can become more effective by optimizing their internal processes. We talk about roles and responsibilities, accountability, and why the term “startup culture” is problematic. If you’re looking to get into the weeds of what makes marketing departments function, then I think you’ll really like this episode.

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