Heather Mason of Caspian

DFYNB Ep. 5 – Professional Empowerment with Heather Mason

Today’s show is all about professional empowerment.

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My guest today is Heather Mason, CEO & President of Caspian, an event production agency.

Heather is an outspoken advocate for the events industry. At Cvent CONNECT 2017, she gave a presentation entitled, “Positioning for Power” which wrestled with a problem that many event professionals will find all too familiar: that despite the tremendous amount of effort, stress and professionalism that goes into today’s corporate events, individual event professional often don’t get the respect (or the money) that they deserve.

We begin our conversation with why she hates the term “event planner.” Then Heather teaches me what steps event professionals can take to earn more respect within their organizations.

She says that the events industry needs to modernize and adopt a standard set of procedures, tools and methodologies the way other professions, like accounting or project management, have done.

Heather is a fantastically compelling speaker, and I just know you’ll find this conversation to be a real treat. I certainly did.

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