Event Branding Guide 101

Developing a strong brand for your event can help build credibility, loyalty, recognition and support. It helps attendees buy-into your brand promise and allows them to feel they are...

Meeting Room Report

What will the Meeting Room of the Future look like?

IACC releases the findings of its annual future-facing survey into planner predictions   ‘The meeting room of the future will need to place greater emphasis on sustainable practices as planners become more conscious of their environmental and social footprint.’ This is one of the key findings from a survey of 250 meeting planners from five

Event Sponsorship Ideas

Six Innovative Event Sponsorship Ideas

B2B events have a come a long way from the tedious, conventional affairs they once were. Where sponsorship branding amounted to nothing more than stands manned by a couple of salespeople handing out engraved pens and monogrammed badges. Today, with the world fully pivoting towards digital, a whole new vista of branding options has opened

The Invisible Workload

9 Ways to Reduce Your Invisible Workload

It’s the morning of the event. You wake up with a handwritten name badge stuck to your forehead – one out of the 800 badges you were trying to alphabetise last night in your hotel room. You then open your phone to see four missed calls from your sponsor, asking you to change the entire

People using facial recognition software on their phones

Five Ways Facial Recognition Could Improve your Event

Facial recognition software is already widely used in airports, crowd-control management and other use-cases for which there’s a need to identify large groups of people from an existing database in a non-intrusive way. It is also used to gain access, deliver personalised advertising messages, enhance the mobile user experience, and so much more in our

Man's hand selecting best conference software option

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Conference Management Software

The demand for capturing actionable business insights from live events such as seminars, tradeshows and conferences has been increasing steadily, causing the global event management software market to expand at an unprecedented pace. The total market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.6% from GBP 4.9 billion in 2018, to reach GBP

Social wall events

How a Social Media Wall Makes Your Event Infinitely Better!

Over the past decade, social media has transformed the way we live. From being merely a platform to share pics of breakfasts, pets and our latest vacation trip, it has now become a juggernaut that powers the global engine of business and growth. According to the Global Digital Report 2019, the total number of social

Event budget cut

Sorry, but we need to cut your budget!

Event planners have always found ways to do more with less. But what happens when your budget gets cut, or the well simply runs dry mid-way through the planning process? According to Leo Platt, managing director of Leopold Marketing, the first thing you should do is, don’t panic! “Take a deep breath, mentally take a

Connect image

Cvent CONNECT Europe 2019: Announcing Keynote Speaker Baroness Karren Brady CBE

We are so pleased to announce Baroness Karren Brady, CBE, recognised as one of the most influential, respected business leaders and inspirational speakers across Europe, will take the main stage as a keynote speaker at this year’s Cvent CONNECT Europe. Our industry-leading event technology conference will take place on 14-16 Oct, in London. Karren’s keynote

Conference Management Guide

Your Complete Guide to Conference Management

Conferences are flagship events that form the foundation of your business growth strategy.  They are a critical vehicle to drive modern communication – be it for internal events like sales meetings, board retreats, training seminars, or to reach out key stakeholders through product launches, press briefings, and annual general meetings. Whether you want to increase