Virtual Experience Economy 2020

The Big Trend for 2020 will be….the Virtual Experience Economy

According to IBTM World’s Trends Watch report 2019, launched in Barcelona last month, the Virtual Experience Economy is the next iteration of the Experience Economy and will accelerate the merger of digital and live events during the year ahead. Its emergence is a natural extension of perceived delegate value, where event planners continue to find

Cvent Celebrity

Cvent Celebrity Insider – Q&A With a Cvent Celebrity

Hear from a Celebrity on the ins, outs & everything there is to know about the Cvent Celebrity programme. In today’s marketplace, it’s more important than ever to celebrate your customers, keep them engaged, and reward them for their loyalty. With this idea in mind, we created Cvent Celebrity in 2015, Cvent’s loyalty and rewards

Digital Breadcrumbs

How to Track Your Attendee’s Digital Breadcrumbs at Live Events

Conferences, trade shows and seminars are some of the largest line items in the B2B event marketing budget. As times toughen and budgets are trimmed, measuring the success of live events cannot be based merely on brand exposure and media perception. You need crucial insights and analytics to gauge the ROI of your events and

Small business events

6 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Business Events

Business events come in all shapes and sizes. As part of the marketing mix, you have large conferences, seminars and trade shows, as well as corporate dinners, incentive programmes and client meetings. With a slowdown in the global economy and prolonged uncertainty over Brexit, it has become necessary for companies to implement belt-tightening measures, which

Automation Evolution in Event Management

The Automation Evolution in Event Management – Part II

In our last blog, we talked about the struggles of various stages in event planning and how they can be solved via automation. We continue our discussion with the remaining four aspects of event management. Attendee engagement The struggle It’s nearly impossible to gauge attendee engagement at your event without the right tools. Attendees show

Automation Evolution Event Management

The Automation Evolution in Event Management – Part I

Event organisers spend their days surrounded by bright neon-coloured sticky notes, trying to make sense of information available on disparate systems, and staring at spreadsheets until their eyes glaze over. That’s why modern meeting and event organisers are automating and centralising their disparate systems, spreadsheets and sticky notes by turning to event management technology. The

Small meetings event management

Small Meetings – the next frontier of meetings management

According to a recent study by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), 50% of all corporate meetings are classed as ‘small’ or ‘simple’. What’s more, agency Banks Sadler reported at last month’s Cvent Connect that these small meetings make up around 80% of some of their key clients’ events portfolio. Usually defined as a small