10 Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Events

Planners and marketers alike want delegates actively posting to social media and using the mobile event app. At our ongoing user conference, Cvent CONNECT Europe, we’re encouraging our delegates...


Making Your Event’s #hashtag Go VIRAL

Hashtags are used to catalogue content on all social platforms and help users discover content that is relevant to them. So, you should be using a social hashtag (or two!) at your next event. If you’re wondering – How do I pick a hashtag? Or, how do I get buy-in from my delegates? – we’ve


All Hail the Mighty #Hashtag: How to use Twitter to Market Your Event

Want to get people talking about your event? Twitter may be the closest thing to electronic word-of-mouth in the world of social media. And the great thing about Twitter is that you can start the conversation, but others will take it and run. And, if you can involve some Twitter super users in the conversation,

LinkedIn Groups All Event Professionals Should Join

Top 7 LinkedIn Groups All Event Professionals Should Join

Today, there’s a whole world of event resources available online. You can find information on everything from how to negotiate venue rates to ideas for event swag to give away. But one place you might not think about looking for the latest and greatest industry news and tips is LinkedIn, the go-to social network for

Engaging Event Email Strategy

3 Tips for Building an Engaging Event Email Strategy

Event Email marketing has become one of the most effective ways to build participation for your event. However, with inboxes being flooded with hundreds – maybe even thousands – of emails every single day, how do you make your event’s emails stand out? Here are three useful tips to help you build an engaging event

Green Meetings

10 ways to plan ‘green meetings‘

Every little thing you do impact the future of our wonderful earth, and directly or indirectly can help its environmental health for future generations. One such step is ‘going green’ in your professional role and MICE planners can do that by planning green meetings. So much progress has been made in this area, but we

Top 10 trending #hashtags for event planners

Hashtags are widely used on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – even Snapchat. You’re probably already using hashtags on social media every day, but are you using them to help you at work? The reality is this: it’s 2017 and everyone’s connected on social media – all the time. Social platforms like Twitter,