Need Some Tips for Event Promotion? Here are the Essentials

Live events are powerful. And they don’t have to be budget drainers — they can actually be big money-makers for your organisation. In fact, recent Forrester research shows that successful organisations allocate nearly 25%...

Branding Your Event Website

Branding Your Event Website: 6 Things to Remember

These days, it’s pretty likely that while planning an event, you’re going to create an event website. It’s important to remember that your event website should be an extension of the brand the event is for – not a completely separate entity. You want potential attendees to recognise the site as belonging to the organisation

When the dust settles on GDPR

If you’re still looking for loopholes in GDPR, you’re missing the point, says Patrick Smith, CMO at Cvent. He urges marketing leaders and event professionals to look for the value instead. “Maybe not now, maybe not next year, but one day, when the dust has settled on GDPR, when most businesses have absorbed it, a

Social media matters

10 Reasons Social Media Matters for Today’s Event Organiser

In the event industry, people have always been social by nature – whether establishing personal connections at live events, understanding a client’s meeting objectives, or negotiating business deals with vendors. It’s an innate part of what they do. Which is why it’s becoming necessary for event organisers to have a social media strategy in place for their

It’s Time to Double Down on the Social Strategy at Your Events

Your delegates are on a wild ride, scrambling from one session or activity to the next, trying to network and capture as much value as they can. They’re sitting in ballrooms, managing disruptions coming from as many as four screens: smartphone, tablet, laptop as well as audio visual at the event. Delegates move about from

Get Ahead of Stress This Holiday Season

Holidays should be a time filled with laughter and joy, but, more often than not, the days or weeks off for break can lead to greater stress. When you work in the events industry, that stress can be monumental. After all, event planning is considered one of the most stressful jobs out there. The constant

10 Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Events

10 Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Events

Planners and marketers alike want delegates actively posting to social media and using the mobile event app. At our ongoing user conference, Cvent CONNECT Europe, we’re encouraging our delegates to share experiences, engage with each other, and help this event live beyond the walls of the amazing Pullman London St Pancras. Mobile and social are


Making Your Event’s #hashtag Go VIRAL

Hashtags are used to catalogue content on all social platforms and help users discover content that is relevant to them. So, you should be using a social hashtag (or two!) at your next event. If you’re wondering – How do I pick a hashtag? Or, how do I get buy-in from my delegates? – we’ve


All Hail the Mighty #Hashtag: How to use Twitter to Market Your Event

Want to get people talking about your event? Twitter may be the closest thing to electronic word-of-mouth in the world of social media. And the great thing about Twitter is that you can start the conversation, but others will take it and run. And, if you can involve some Twitter super users in the conversation,

LinkedIn Groups All Event Professionals Should Join

Top 7 LinkedIn Groups All Event Professionals Should Join

Today, there’s a whole world of event resources available online. You can find information on everything from how to negotiate venue rates to ideas for event swag to give away. But one place you might not think about looking for the latest and greatest industry news and tips is LinkedIn, the go-to social network for