Integrate Cvent with Your Marketing Tech Stack

We are living in the midst of a digital revolution. Daily activities like booking a rideshare, ordering food, and shopping online are the norm. This goes for businesses too,...

Guide to Event App Adoption

The Complete Guide to Increasing Event App Adoption

Mobile event apps have become an integral part of the modern event planning strategy. When it comes to large events, attendees not only look for mobile events apps, but expect them. From driving pre-event conversations to providing networking opportunities and real-time feedback, these apps offer a myriad of benefits to enhance your event and make

The Attendee Journey in Five Steps

During Cvent Connect 2019, Gaby Proctor, Cvent’s Business Development Executive outlined the attendee journey in five steps, suggesting ways to deliver and capitalise on the delegate experience along the way.  Step One: Registration More often, the point at which an attendee registers for a particular event is the very first interaction point between delegate and

Digital Breadcrumbs

How to Track Your Attendee’s Digital Breadcrumbs at Live Events

Conferences, trade shows and seminars are some of the largest line items in the B2B event marketing budget. As times toughen and budgets are trimmed, measuring the success of live events cannot be based merely on brand exposure and media perception. You need crucial insights and analytics to gauge the ROI of your events and

Automation Evolution in Event Management

The Automation Evolution in Event Management – Part II

In our last blog, we talked about the struggles of various stages in event planning and how they can be solved via automation. We continue our discussion with the remaining four aspects of event management. Attendee engagement The struggle It’s nearly impossible to gauge attendee engagement at your event without the right tools. Attendees show

Automation Evolution Event Management

The Automation Evolution in Event Management – Part I

Event organisers spend their days surrounded by bright neon-coloured sticky notes, trying to make sense of information available on disparate systems, and staring at spreadsheets until their eyes glaze over. That’s why modern meeting and event organisers are automating and centralising their disparate systems, spreadsheets and sticky notes by turning to event management technology. The

Perfect Mobile Event App

How To Select The Perfect Mobile Event App

Smartphones and mobile apps have been with us for a long time now. The need for real-time information, instant communication, and simplifying daily tasks due to the ease of convenience has made them a necessary part of our lives today. We hire cabs, buy movie tickets, get groceries, and manage our personal finances through mobile

Attendance Tracking Events

Attendance Tracking is Crucial To Your Event’s Success – Learn How!

Are your attendees becoming ‘ghosts’ at your events? Do they simply vanish into the corridors of your venue and are never seen or heard of again? This happens when your registration process doesn’t have the required tools to track attendee activity. Registration is a critical part of organising a successful event. If you have an

Live Badge Printing

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to On-Demand Badge Printing

To organise a successful event, you need to make sure your registration game is on point – that means getting the maximum number of attendees through the door in a short time. Event registration includes many aspects, and none is more important than badging. If you are organising a large-scale conference or trade show, then

The Invisible Workload

9 Ways to Reduce Your Invisible Workload

It’s the morning of the event. You wake up with a handwritten name badge stuck to your forehead – one out of the 800 badges you were trying to alphabetise last night in your hotel room. You then open your phone to see four missed calls from your sponsor, asking you to change the entire