Importance of post-event survey questions

Why Post-Event Survey Questions Are Crucial To Event Success

Post-event feedback, whether it is positive or negative, is incredibly important. Organising an event is no small feat. It takes an immense amount of time, effort, and an army of professionals. Therefore, it is important to know which aspects of your event are most important to your audience and deserve every ounce of your energy,

Frequency of Use: Man taking survey

How to Measure Frequency of Use in Event Surveys

Surveys have become an integral part of the event management process. Some event planners choose to use hard copies that attendees fill in manually. Others employ online software to get the job done more efficiently. Either way, surveys provide critical research data on potential areas of improvement. This helps you gain a better understanding of

Research Methods

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research Methods for Your Event

Market research is the bedrock of organising and running an event. Whether it is a small event or a large, complicated one, you need to know precisely what you are planning for. What is the attendee profile? Which caterers address your Food & Beverage needs? What conference material will you require? Additionally, you need to

Customer market

Top 25 Consumer Market Research Questions

“Know thy customer”. Several marketers think that customer research is about exploring more nuances about your product, your marketing strategy, or your business. However, the fact is, any kind of market or customer research should be completely geared towards knowing your customers and prospects better. Determining the right questions to ask helps both the entrepreneurs