Top 5 myths of mobile event apps

Mobile event apps have completely overhauled the way events are managed today. With the time spent on mobile skyrocketing in recent years, going mobile is on everyone’s mind. Mobile...

Leveraging mobile apps to generate more leads

Cheat sheet: Easy way to calculate event ROI

One of the main objectives for event managers and marketers is to measure the return on investment of their events in a constant effort to improve their events and lower the cost. But ROI calculation is more than simply a measurement system; it’s a strategy calling for changes in business processes to get the maximum

Top 10 trending #hashtags for event planners

Hashtags are widely used on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – even Snapchat. You’re probably already using hashtags on social media every day, but are you using them to help you at work? The reality is this: it’s 2017 and everyone’s connected on social media – all the time. Social platforms like Twitter,

5 quick tips to boost registration and engagement

The right marketing can ensure you get the largest and most relevant audience for your event. But your marketing efforts shouldn’t stop there — you want to build a buzz and get your registrants engaged and talking before, during and after the event. Here’s how event managers can achieve just that, regardless of budget or