Event technologist

The Rise of the Event Technologist: Crucial For your Event’s Success?

The role of an event organiser has become mind-bogglingly broad in its scope. From selecting venues, food, speakers, room layouts, DJs, and managing the budget to laying out an effective marketing plan, event organisers must ensure all aspects of the event come together. This means long hours of slogging it out, dealing with multiple clients


Sustainable Events: Biggest Challenge for Event Professionals in 2020?

Event Academy’s 2020 Event Industry and Trend Report is now live. Taken from professionals working across different sectors in the events industry, we believe it provides a valuable cross-section of opinion. One significant change in this year’s report is the rise of sustainable events. Seemingly out of nowhere, sustainability has become the number one challenge

Empty Seats

8 Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Event No-Shows

In this hyper-connected world, while we’re never more than a ping, ring, tweet or beep away from conveying a new piece of event-related information, why do planners still suffer with no-shows? You don’t need a degree in psychology to accept that in cases when the event is free-to-attend, no-shows most often occur when the ticket

Top Green Event Ideas

10 Green Event Ideas That Can Make a Huge Difference

The ever-growing concern about the environment and climate change, led by high-profile campaigners like Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion, has accelerated demand for conscious consumerism and sustainable initiatives. More millennials and consumers are choosing to buy and support brands that are committed to the cause of sustainability. This desire to invest in green projects has

Cvent Europe Recognised as Centre of Excellence in Wellbeing

Did you know the average person working in Britain spends 3,507 days at work during their career? This totals around 84,00 hours over the course of a lifetime, which doesn’t include the 14,053 hours travelling to and from work. With all that time spent dedicated to working life, it seems only natural to want to find


Are Your Internal Meetings a Waste of Everyone’s Time?

Ever been stuck in an internal meeting where the discussion about organising another follow-up meeting has been going on for at least ten minutes and you’re beginning to lose the will to live? Or how about the hour-long briefing you’ve been asked to attend but when you arrive, you realise the subject is much broader

Mobile event apps internal events

How to Use Mobile Event Apps Successfully in Internal Events

Most event organisers are of the impression that a mobile event app should be used only for external events that generate business, like trade shows, seminars and conferences. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whether it is large company-wide events to communicate the goals of the organisation, or offsite retreats and trainings to boost

Qs to Ask Event Marketing Tech

8 Questions You Should Ask Your Event Marketing Technology Partner

The journey of an event marketer is akin to that of a fictional hero. Despite showing unwavering determination and will to execute a perfect event programme, the event marketer can’t slog it out alone. There is a need to get onboard a team of experts, partners and vendors to plan, manage and execute the event

Integrate with Cvent

Integrate Cvent with Your Marketing Tech Stack

We are living in the midst of a digital revolution. Daily activities like booking a rideshare, ordering food, and shopping online are the norm. This goes for businesses too, that are transforming the way they operate through cloud software solutions for customers. There’s no debating that digital technology is now an indispensable part of our