Event budget cut

Sorry, but we need to cut your budget!

Event planners have always found ways to do more with less. But what happens when your budget gets cut, or the well simply runs dry mid-way through the planning process? According to Leo Platt, managing director of Leopold Marketing, the first thing you should do is, don’t panic! “Take a deep breath, mentally take a

Lead Scanning - data gathering

How to Gather Vital Data Onsite at Your Events

In the digital age, it has become very easy for marketers to know just about everything their prospects and customers are doing on their website and other digital channels. However, despite live events providing some of the most valuable prospect and customer data and insights, many marketers aren’t taking advantage of all the great intel gathered during

The Ultimate Guide to Event Management Best Practices 2020

The world in which the event planner now operates is changing at an accelerated pace. We live in an increasingly mobile-first, digitised society and delegate expectations have shifted accordingly. Whether it’s an internal employee training workshop, an executive dinner, or a large-scale corporate seminar or trade-show, attendees are demanding ever-more personalised experiences. However, with a

Digital research

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Surveys

The use of online and mobile survey methods for market research has catapulted over the last 10 years.  Due to ever-increasing technological advances, it’s now possible for do-it-yourself researchers to design, conduct and analyse their own surveys for a fraction of the cost and time it would have taken in the past. But are there any drawbacks compared to

Event ROI

Defining ROI (And What’s Different About ROI For Events)

Event ROI is one of the hottest buzzwords in the industry, but it means something different for every meetings and events planner. At its essence, it’s all about proving the success of your event, which can seem daunting. From figuring out what success looks like to what data to use, there are endless directions you

Leveraging mobile apps to generate more leads

Cheat sheet: Easy way to calculate event ROI

One of the main objectives for event managers and marketers is to measure the return on investment of their events in a constant effort to improve their events and lower the cost. But ROI calculation is more than simply a measurement system; it’s a strategy calling for changes in business processes to get the maximum