Sustainable Hotel Management in the MICE Industry

2020 will see leaps in eco-friendly practices, and sustainable hotel management is no exception. Greta Thunberg, the Swedish environmental advocate, made waves with her talks for change. She’s notorious...

Istanbul: The upcoming hotspot for Meetings & Events

Popularly known for its vibrancy, modernity, top-notch infrastructure and an enviable geographical location, Istanbul acts like a magnet attracting a pool of dynamic people from around the world. While art, culture and cuisine have been the primary reasons that make Istanbul a reliable and preferred tourist destination, the city is now increasingly getting recognised for

IHG Madrid

MICE Venue of the Month: InterContinental Madrid

Our MICE Venue of the Month this January brings to you: InterContinental Madrid. Your guide to hosting at InterContinental Madrid Awarded “Best MICE Hotel in Spain in 2016” and “Best Business Hotel in Spain in 2014 and 2015”, InterContinental Madrid is a hub for meetings and events. Located in the central Paseo de la Castellana,

Grandhotel Hessischer Hof

MICE Venue of the Month: Grandhotel Hessischer Hof

Our MICE Venue of the Month this January brings to you: Frankfurt’s Grandhotel Hessischer Hof. Your guide to hosting at Grandhotel Hessischer Hof The Grandhotel Hessischer Hof is a boutique-style hotel located in the centre of Frankfurt, directly opposite the fairground. Close to the main railway station, it’s within easy reach of the Rhein-Main airport.

Event Planners Gen Z

How to Engage Generation Z Event Planners

Aside from popularising avocado on toast, millennials have made a substantial change to the modern world. And this includes the event industry. Generation Z, following by example, are making waves of their own. They are set to be the most disruptive generation yet. By 2030, most of Generation Z will be in their 20s and

cool event promotion ideas - QR codes

How MICE Industry Technology Could Revolutionise Your Business

Queuing event attendees fill your lobby waiting their turn to peer into a small camera on a 5-foot stand. While your attendees chat and joke with each other, this little camera uses facial recognition to sign them into your event and switch on badge access. This is one way in which MICE industry technology could

MICE Venue of the Month: Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam

With 2020 looming, we like to reflect on the European hotels and venues that caught our attention this year. We will be mentioning hotels that didn’t quite make the European Top 50 list, but still deserve a mention. Amsterdam Conference Centre, Beurs van Berlage, is one such venue that caught our attention. Your guide to

The importance of planner partnerships

A Powerful Strategy for Creating Profitable Planner Partnerships

Delighting event planners can be as simple as providing what was promised, then surprising them with something extra. Building and maintaining planner partnerships play a vital role in ensuring repeat business, upsells and all-around happy planners. When your planners are happy, they’re more likely to recommend your venue to others, and that’s why this add-on

attracting corporate event planners

Making Your Hotel Instagrammable to Entice Corporate Event Planners

If you have social media, you might be guilty of uploading images of latte art or an indulgent dessert from a restaurant or hotel. But, what if we told you that this is how businesses create buzz, and in turn, demand from not only guests but also corporate event planners. Utilising Instagram for the meetings,

MICE Business Content Marketing

Attracting MICE Business with a Great Content Marketing Strategy

Attracting MICE business can be as simple as making yourself a source of trust for event planners, and content marketing is a great way to achieve this. A content marketing strategy can: Increase brand awareness Increase authority on a particular topic Develop trust with prospects and customers Boost website traffic and leads Over the past