11 Ways Hotel Video Marketing Will Drive MICE Business

Relevant and engaging hotel video marketing is a proven way to reach potential guests, and event planners. In fact, Google discovered that 56% of people traveling on business, and 35% of those on pleasure trips, interacted at some point with hospitality-related videos. Read on to discover how videos drive direct bookings, and learn must-know hotel video marketing tips

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Hybrid Events are the Future: How Venues Can Prepare

We’ve all gotten used to virtual meetings by now. Connecting with a colleague, joining an event or having a catch-up with a loved one virtually is the norm worldwide. Lately, in-person meetings and events have become impossible, and event planners have done their best to convert what would have been fantastic live events to an


In-Person Events Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Safe Events

How will your hotel or venue ensure in-person events in a post-COVID-19 world are as safe as can be? As hotels reopen their doors worldwide, the safety of guests is paramount – from food and beverage to accommodating hybrid events, social distancing and sanitation protocols. Safe in-person meetings and events will take precedence and, in

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How to Leverage Virtual Tours in Times of Social Distancing

Restarting your hospitality business in a time of COVID-19 means staying prepared for MICE business later in the year. With social distancing still in place and large gatherings on hold, now is the time to ramp up your virtual venue marketing to help planners as they source for future events. By providing virtual tours, virtual

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Virtual Venue Marketing: 7 Ways to Win Planner Business

With lockdowns and self-isolation affecting the majority of the world, virtual venue marketing is taking precidence. We need to look for cost-efficient and impactful ways to stay digitally visible, relevant and intriguing to our buyers. But why is virtual venue marketing so important at a time like this? Event planners aren’t just cancelling; they’re postponing and many

Managing room blocks

Futureproofing Your Hotel Room Block Management Strategy

It doesn’t need to be said that like many others, the hospitality and MICE industry is going through a tough time due to COVID-19. With occupancy dropping and hotels momentarily closing, it’s never been more important to prepare your room block management for the future. This will help in two ways: to navigate current challenges

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How MICE Industry Technology Could Revolutionise Your Business

Queuing event attendees fill your lobby waiting their turn to peer into a small camera on a 5-foot stand. While your attendees chat and joke with each other, this little camera uses facial recognition to sign them into your event and switch on badge access. This is one way in which MICE industry technology could

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Getting Found: Optimise Content to Reach Event Organisers Online

Sure, it’s easy to understand that content plays a key role in any successful marketing plan for a hotel or destination. But a large part of that is making sure that your content is discoverable, because if no one is reading it, what purpose can it serve? Most hospitality professionals understand that they need to

Technology Helps Consolidate Meetings and Business Travel Programmes

At many companies, different departments oversee the planning of small offsite meetings and the procurement and booking processes for corporate business travel. In addition, small events are often charged on corporate credit cards, and the expensing is categorised under general travel and entertainment, rather than business development. That discrepancy causes inefficiencies, including a lack of