Buy or Build Event Management Software

Once event managers realise how important event management software is at each stage of the event, the next biggest question arises: whether to build their own event management system or to purchase one. This is certainly a crucial decision to make and can become a game changer in any event manager’s life.

Take a look at some key points that should be considered before reaching any conclusion:

1. Time & Money: Building a system internally can be tricky and expensive. In-house software development will require the use of internal resources and staff. In addition to that, software maintenance is altogether another expenditure not to be neglected. On the other hand, buying an automated solution could be a great way to save time and money – almost immediately.

2. Expertise: Understanding best business practices and meeting industry standards are vital success factors. An organisation with its core competencies in this field, with years of experience and inputs from several event managers and other industry leaders, can definitely do it better.

3. Research: Developing a database of venues requires continuous research and maintenance and relies on your team to establish the right contacts. However, a well-established software provider can help you with a readily available and constantly updated database to find the perfect venues and submit multiple RFPs simultaneously

4. Mobile & Onsite Solutions: Mobile apps and onsite solutions have become an indispensable part of events, but developing them in-house can be expensive and cumbersome for the team. Leading event solutions provider like Cvent offer advanced mobile event apps and onsite solutions which are well-integrated with the entire event management system for a seamless flow of data and consistent attendee experience.

5. Reporting: With an in-house system, proving ROI and understanding event performance over time is challenging. Reporting needs to be built from the ground up, which is both time-consuming and error prone. With over 100 standard reports and unlimited custom reporting, Cvent makes it easy to understand event ROI and provide necessary insights to continue improving meetings and events.

If you’re still confused whether to build your own event registration system or buy a reliable off-the-shelf one, check out this whitepaper in order to come to a decision.

Written by Mansi Soni